“Necessary Roughness” quotes

Movie Necessary Roughness
Title Necessary Roughness
Year 1991
Director Stan Dragoti
Genre Comedy, Sport
Plot – Paul Blake has never played football, but once at college things change as he's enlisted in the university team. Coach Gennero wants to train poor students in order to find back his professional dignity. With an unsporting dean and a helpful and good looking professor, the rest comes accordingly.
All actors – Scott Bakula, Hector Elizondo, Robert Loggia, Harley Jane Kozak, Larry Miller, Sinbad, Fred Dalton Thompson, Rob Schneider, Jason Bateman, Andrew Bryniarski, Duane Davis, Michael Dolan
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  • “- Jarvis Edison: How many timeouts do we have left?
    - Paul Blake: Three.
    - Jarvis Edison: Can we take 'em all now?”

    Jason Bateman - Jarvis Edison
    Scott Bakula - Paul Blake
  • “- Paul Blake: What's with all the attention?
    - Manumana: Where I come from, Mr. Blake, we're taught to respect our elders.
    - Paul Blake: Oh yeah? Well, I'm not that eld, alright?”

    Scott Bakula - Paul Blake
    Peter Navy Tuiasosopo - Manumana
    [Tag:old age, respect]
  • “I don't wanna put any undue pressure on you guys, but Coach Gennero's last words were, win or I'll die.”

    Robert Loggia - Coach Wally Rig
  • “- Coach Wally Rig: I forgot. You're a genius. That's why you have a bigger whistle than I do.
    - Coach Ed Gennero: I can't believe it. Now he has whistle-envy.”

    Robert Loggia - Coach Wally Rig
    Héctor Elizondo - Coach Ed Gennero
    [Tag:ability, envy, genius]
  • “From Champs to chumps. Just six months ago, The Texas State Fighting Armadillos were billed as the greatest college football team in history, and now, they are history.”

    Chris Berman - Himself
  • “You're hurt. You're tired. You're bleeding. I'm gonna make you a promise. We get into that endzone, you're not gonna feel any pain.”

    Scott Bakula - Paul Blake
    [Tag:end, pain, weariness]
  • “- Coach Ed Gennero: Wally, did you hire an Assistant Coach without telling me?
    - Coach Wally Rig: No, I found a Quarterback without telling you.
    - Coach Ed Gennero: I hope he gets younger as he gets closer.”

    Héctor Elizondo - Coach Ed Gennero
    Robert Loggia - Coach Wally Rig
  • “- Dr. Suzanne Carter: We're consenting adults.
    - Dean Elias: So were Bonnie and Clyde.”

    Harley Jane Kozak - Dr. Suzanne Carter
    Larry Miller - Dean Phillip Elias
  • “- Dr. Suzanne Carter: What are you doing here?
    - Paul Blake: Well, I'm kinda bleeding in your doorway. Can I come in?
    - Dr. Suzanne Carter: Sure. Didn't I tell you to wear a helmet?”

    Harley Jane Kozak - Dr. Suzanne Carter
    Scott Bakula - Paul Blake
    [Tag:blood, head, wound]
  • “- Chris Berman: What happened to the players?
    - Coach Ed Gennero: All the players from the old team have been expelled and all the coaches have been fired.
    - Chris Berman: Where will they get their new players?
    - Coach Ed Gennero: Their new players must be real students. No more scholarships, no more monkey business, no more special favors or...” (continue)
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    Chris Berman - Himself
    Héctor Elizondo - Coach Ed Gennero
  • “Dean Elias is looking for any reason to bury us.”

    Héctor Elizondo - Coach Ed Gennero
  • “- Paul Blake: I'll buy you a beer. It's on me.
    - Harlan 'Flat-top' Meyers: Now it's on you.”

    Scott Bakula - Paul Blake
    Tom Whitenight - Harlan 'Flat-top' Meyers
    [Tag:drinking, payment]
  • “- Coach Ed Gennero: Dean Elias, for someone who hates football you sure spend alot of time watching the sport.
    - Dean Phillip Elias: Eternal vigilance is the price of integrity, Coach Gennaro.”

    Héctor Elizondo - Coach Ed Gennero
    Larry Miller - Dean Phillip Elias
    [Tag:football, hatred]
  • “If I wanted a big brother I wouldn't have killed mine.”
    Tom Whitenight - Harlan 'Flat-top' Meyers
    [Tag:brothers, killing]
  • “- Coach Ed Gennero: What happened, who missed their assignment?
    - Coach Rig: Everybody missed their god-damn assignment!”

    Héctor Elizondo - Coach Ed Gennero
    Robert Loggia - Coach Wally Rig
  • “- Dr. Suzanne Carter: Oh my God, I'm sorry. Are you okay?
    - Paul Blake: No, actually. I just got hit in the head by a racquetball.”

    Harley Jane Kozak - Dr. Suzanne Carter
    Scott Bakula - Paul Blake
    [Tag:head, pain]
  • “- McKenzie: Will ya look at that, they're putting a bloody Sheila on the team!
    - Sargie 'Fumblina' Wilkinson: We'll be the laughing stock of college football.
    - Charlie Banks: What do you think we are now?”

    Louis Mandylor - McKenzie
    Marcus Giamatti - Sargie 'Fumblina' Wilkinson
    Andrew Lauer - Charlie Banks
  • “- Coach Ed Gennero: Is it fatal?
    - Doctor: Indigestion? Only in Mexico.”

    Héctor Elizondo - Coach Ed Gennero
    [Tag:death, eating, mexico]
  • “- Harlan 'Flat-top' Meyers: I've been waiting for you!
    - Andre Krimm: You should be waiting for the guy that cut your hair!”

    Tom Whitenight - Harlan 'Flat-top' Meyers
    Sinbad - Andre Krimm
  • “- Lucy Draper: I'm an Armadillo just like the others.
    - Manumana: You're an Armadillo, but not like the others.
    - Lucy Draper: You're alright Manu.”

    Kathy Ireland - Lucy Draper
    Peter Navy Tuiasosopo - Manumana
    [Tag:football, girl, team]
  • “- Dr. Suzanne Carter: Look, you have to understand how hard it is to get resp...
    - Paul Blake: Respect as a female teacher, yeah. You ought to try getting respect as a football player sometime.”

    Harley Jane Kozak - Dr. Suzanne Carter
    Scott Bakula - Paul Blake
    [Tag:respect, women]
  • “- Coach Wally Rig: I brought these for you. - Coach Ed Gennero: Thank you. They're lovely.
    - Coach Wally Rig: I hope you don't mind - I had to charge them to your room. I'm a little short this week.”

    Robert Loggia - Coach Wally Rig
    Héctor Elizondo - Coach Ed Gennero
    [Tag:gift, money, payment]