“Shallow Grave” quotes

Movie Shallow Grave
Danny Boyle directed this movie in 1994
Title Shallow Grave
Year 1994
Director Danny Boyle
Genre Crime, Thriller
Plot – In Scotland the reporter Alex Law, the clerk David Stephens and the doctor Juliet Miller would like to share their apartment with a fourth roommate. After laborious selections, they choose the taciturn and reserved Hugo. Then he's found dead and among his things there's a suitcase full of money. Alex, David and Juliet think to keep it, burying the corpse after sawing his fingers and disfiguring his face. Meanwhile, two criminals torture Hugo's partner to find out where the money is. They find the address and penetrate into the three guys' apartment.
All actors – Kerry Fox, Christopher Eccleston, Ewan McGregor, Ken Stott, Keith Allen, Colin McCredie, Victoria Nairn, Gary Lewis, Jean Marie Coffey, Peter Mullan, Leonard O'Malley, David Scoular
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