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Joshua Carter
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June 11, 1978 in Vancouver, British Columbia
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Joshua Carter Jackson quotes
  • “- Artsy Teacher: You could say that what happened in that theatre was a direct result of the movie itself.
    - Cici: That is so Moral Majority. You can't blame real life violence on entertainment.
    - Film Class Guy #1: Yes you can. Don't you ever watch the news?
    - Film Class Guy #2: Hello? The murderer was wearing a ghost mask just like in the...” (continue)
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    Craig Shoemaker - Artsy Teacher
    Sarah Michelle Gellar - Cici
    Joshua Carter Jackson - Film Class Guy #1
    Walter Franks - Film Class Guy #2
  • “- Earl Crest: Are we going to bowl or what?
    - Jimbo: What's the point, Earl?
    - Earl Crest: Well, the point is Beer. That's the point!
    - Jimbo: Look, I'll tell you what... I'll buy you and Baby all the beer in the world and I'll just call it a going away present. How about that, Earl?”

    Joshua Carter Jackson - Earl Crest
    Matthew Davis - Jimbo
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  • - Coach Ted Orion: My name is Coach Orion. You can call me "Coach'' or "Coach Orion".
    - Charlie Conway: Well, you can call me "Charlie''.
    - Coach Ted Orion: That must be what that "C'' on your jersey stands for. It sure doesn't stand for "captain".

    Jeffrey Nordling - Coach Ted Orion
    Joshua Carter Jackson - Charlie Conway
    [Tag:leader, name]
  • “- Goldberg: Be careful man, it almost hit me that time!
    - Charlie Conway: Goldberg, you're the goalie. It's supposed to hit you.
    - Goldberg: Does that sound stupid to anyone else?”

    Shaun Weiss - Goldberg
    Joshua Carter Jackson - Charlie Conway