“Big Daddy” quotes

Movie Big Daddy
Dennis Dugan directed this movie in 1999
Title Big Daddy
Year 1999
Director Dennis Dugan
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Sonny Koufax is on his thirties and still doesn’t know what to do of his life. His girlfriend Vanessa is exasperated and breaks up with him. One morning someone accidentally leaves a five year old child named Julian at Sonny’s house. After a few moments of doubts, Sonny decides to keep the child. He takes him to Vanessa but finds she has another man. He would like to return him but he is told to wait. So he keeps him and tries to organize their lives. Sonny calls his father, a lawyer who lives in Florida, seeking for help but the rift between them is still too deep. Julian is sent away from school for being a troublemaker. Until one day social workers get in their way: Sonny is accused of peddling himself off for someone else so the child is immediately taken. The two are desperate and when the day of the custody hearing comes, it is Sonny’s father who interrogates his son; Kevin claims to be Julian’s father and he is given the child’s custody. One year, three months, six days later Sonny’s birthday is celebrated. Now he is married to Leila and they have a child, while Julian is with his dad and mom.
All actors – Adam Sandler, Joey Lauren Adams, Jon Stewart, Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, Josh Mostel, Leslie Mann, Allen Covert, Rob Schneider, Kristy Swanson, Joseph Bologna, Peter Dante, Jonathan Loughran, Steve Buscemi, Tim Herlihy, Edmund Lyndeck, Larkin Malloy, Samantha Brown, Neal Huff, Geoffrey Horne, Greg Haberny, Jackie Sandler, George Hall, Peggy Shay, Alfonso Ramírez, Salvatore Cavaliere, Kelly Dugan, Jared Sandler, Jillian Sandler, Helen Lloyd Breed, Chloé Hult, Carmen De Lavallade, Steven Brill, Glen Trotiner, Jorge Buccio, Cat Jagar, Deborah S. Craig, Nicholas Taylor, Cole Hawkins, Gabriel Jacobs, Michael Arcate, Gaetano Lisi, Michael Giarraputo, Steve Glenn, Al Cerullo, Diana Berry, Dar Billingham, Brian Canberg, Dennis Dugan, Marshall Dancing Elk Lucas, Lian Moy, Laurie Wallace, Waneeki Yokomee-Fung
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