“Billy Madison” quotes

Movie Billy Madison
Title Billy Madison
Year 1995
Director Tamra Davis
Genre Comedy
Plot – Billy, the heir to the fortune of the Madison Hotel, only thinks of women and alcohol. Since the day he left school, he has lived his life as one long party: drinking daiquiri every night, lazing about by the pool, lots of jokes and beautiful girls. But when his father, Brian Madison, informs him that he wants to hand his 500 companies over to the devious vice president Eric Gordon, Billy decides to take the biggest gamble of his life. He is to graduate in 24 weeks achieving outstanding results while daddy’s checkbook stops from being the inexhaustible source of his constant follies. Will the good will of Billy erase his past in the eyes of his father and save, together with his reputation, the family fortune and the love for his teacher Veronica?
All actors – Adam Sandler, Darren McGavin, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, Bradley Whitford, Josh Mostel, Norm MacDonald, Mark Beltzman, Larry Hankin, Theresa Merritt, Dina Platias, Hrant Alianak, Vincent Marino
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