“The Minus Man” quotes

Movie The Minus Man
Title The Minus Man
Year 1999
Director Hampton Fancher
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – A serial killer chooses his victims among who complains about his life or who wants to be killed. In a seaside guesthouse, he waits for his next victim.
All actors – Owen Wilson, Sheryl Crow, Dwight Yoakam, Dennis Haysbert, Alex Warren, Mercedes Ruehl, Chloe Black, Brian Cox, Eric Mabius, Larry Miller, Lois Gerace, Erik Holland
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  • “- Vann: Well, I think one thing you guys oughta learn is that the story's mine, it belongs to me, so I think I'll tell it my way.
    - Graves: No matter which fucking way you tell it, gas chamber is where you're headed, Siegert.”

    Owen Wilson - Vann
    Dennis Haysbert - Graves
  • “- Blair: How about the carpet salesman, Glenn Skile? Was that your first? They never find the corpses, do they, Vann?
    - Graves: Nobody will know shit, except the soft, dead earth. Right, Vann? That where you keep 'em?”

    Dwight Yoakam - Blair
    Dennis Haysbert - Graves
    [Tag:grave, murder, secrets]
  • “- Graves: Two guys just like us are gonna be taking over this case full-time. They're gonna read the coroner's report. And every time they do, they're gonna find something new.
    - Blair: Interview the customers, the cook, that girl at the diner. Then back to that asshole bartender. The lady with the baby. Then they'll have some artist start to...” (continue)
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    Dennis Haysbert - Graves
    Dwight Yoakam - Blair
  • “- Ferrin: I'm not comfortable swimming in the ocean. I like lakes.
    - Vann: I don't really care for lakes.
    - Ferrin: You don't care for lakes? Why, why do you not care for lakes?
    - Vann: I don't know, lakes are like stepping into somebody else's underwear.”

    Janeane Garofalo - Ferrin
    Owen Wilson - Vann
  • “If I ran, they'd chase me. And they'd catch me. Everybody here, and each person I talk to for a long time to come would have a story to tell. With Gene, for the first time I broke both my rules. Rule 1: don't give a drink to someone you know. Rule 2: don't do anybody who lives in the same town as you. Why did I? I'm not one who believes people...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Owen Wilson - Vann
    [Tag:belief, crime, rules]
  • “People take their carriers for granted, trust them not to read the sealed envelopes or postcards even. They stick on their stamps and have faith. I deliver the mail but never get any. But still, it's the best job I've ever had. I could do it forever.”

    Owen Wilson - Vann
    [Tag:faith, job, reading]
  • “Some people die in less than a minute. Others it takes ten. I guess it's what they call metabolic. If it wasn't closed, I'd go to the library and get clear on this.”
    Owen Wilson - Vann
    [Tag:death, knowledge, time]
  • “I've never done anything violent to anybody. Just the minimum that was necessary. No fear, no pain. They just go to sleep. But after it's done, there's no going back. No second chance. If I've made a mistake, I'll pay for it. You don't always choose what you do. Sometimes what you do chooses you. That's where discipline comes in. I like the...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Owen Wilson - Vann
  • “I take the natural momentum of a person and draw it towards me. The most important part of understanding someone is knowing if they can hurt you or not. Doug can't hurt anybody. Not as he is.”
    Owen Wilson - Vann
  • - Vann: "Casper"? Like the ghost?
    - Casper: "Casper" like shit. That's not my name. My name's Laurie.
    - Vann: Laurie, that's a nice name.
    - Casper: Laurie. Four vowels and two consonants. That's rare, you know? Almost all the vowels: a, e, i, u. The only one I don't have is an "o". So if your name was Tony, you'd be perfect. What is your name?

    Owen Wilson - Vann
    Sheryl Crow - Casper
    [Tag:name, truth]
  • “- Ferrin: On account of what don't you drink?
    - Vann: I don't know. On account of nothing I guess.
    - Ferrin: Well, if you want, I'll be at Hobie's after work. You can watch me.”

    Janeane Garofalo - Ferrin
    Owen Wilson - Vann
  • “- Vann: You know why in the old days sailors and fisherman never learned how to swim?
    - Ferrin: No, why?
    - Vann: Because if you knew how to swim it'd take so much longer to drown.
    - Ferrin: Oh. I never heard that.
    - Vann: You wanna go in?”

    Owen Wilson - Vann
    Janeane Garofalo - Ferrin
  • "Unexpected accumulations of mail can be a sign of trouble. If the carrier notices this, he takes the initiative. It either means the inhabitants have left unexpectedly, and the mail must be saved. Or it means something is wrong and should be investigated".

    Owen Wilson - Vann
  • “The kind of job where you take care of the people who rely on you for certain things. You stay out of their business, but you're also expected to know what's going on, so you can help. Plus, on the holidays you get big tips. I guess there's other benefits, too.”

    Owen Wilson - Vann
    [Tag:benefit, helping, job]
  • “I never make a plan. Like a comet shooting across the sky. It just happens. Nobody knows where it'll land.”

    Owen Wilson - Vann
  • “- Doug: Maybe we should invite him down his first night?
    - Jane: No, no. Doug, the last thing you want is for your tenant to become your guest. Keep your distance.
    - Doug: I suppose.
    - Jane: Well, don't. Don't. Leave him alone. Let's... let's give him a chance to get adjusted first.”

    Brian Cox - Doug
    Mercedes Ruehl - Jane
  • “It's the light. You go into it, and out of it. I'm not surprised this country has so much violence. I'm surprised it has so little. Some people can't beat it. Doug couldn't. But I'm not Doug.”
    Owen Wilson - Vann
  • “If I never came to this place, these people would be somewhere else right now. Out shopping or watchingTV. But instead, they're here looking for Gene. Afraid something bad has happened. But who could say? My opinion is you could miss a body in a search like this. We keep our eyes to the ground, but we're told to look at the trees as well. I...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Owen Wilson - Vann
  • “- Vann: I never did that before. I put that vacuum away. When everything went black.
    - Jane: It can happen. I fainted once.
    - Vann: You did?
    - Jane: When I was pregnant.
    - Vann: I hope I'm not pregnant, Mrs. Durwin.”

    Owen Wilson - Vann
    Mercedes Ruehl - Jane