“My Fellow Americans” quotes

Movie My Fellow Americans
Peter Segal directed this movie in 1996
Title My Fellow Americans
Year 1996
Director Peter Segal
Genre Comedy, Adventure
Plot – What do the candidates do after elections? Sometimes this period is in fact the most exciting part out of everything. For example, former presidents Kramer and Douglas were enemies on the political scene, but now a scandal involves them both. To prove their innocence, the men will have to work together and secretly, but this will not be easy. Thus, they will deeply get in touch with their voters, they will deepen their knowledge of politics and its intrigues from a new point of view.
All actors – Jack Lemmon, James Garner, Dan Aykroyd, John Heard, Wilford Brimley, Lauren Bacall, Sela Ward, Everett McGill, Bradley Whitford, James Rebhorn, Esther Rolle, Conchata Ferrell
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