“Thirteen Days” quotes

Movie Thirteen Days
Title Thirteen Days
Year 2000
Director Roger Donaldson
Genre Drama, History, Thriller
Plot – In October 1962, some photographs taken by U-2 planes reveal that Russians are installing nuclear weapons in Cuba to wipe out south and east United States areas. President Kennedy and his advisers have to plan a counterattack to stop the Soviets: Kennedy wants to prove to be strong enough to avoid blackmails, while the Pentagon prepares military troops to invade Cuba. Kennedy is reluctant to the idea of invading the island, as the action would push the Soviets towards Europe. Will it be possible to avoid a nuclear conflict without invading Cuba?
All actors – Shawn Driscoll, Kevin Costner, Drake Cook, Lucinda Jenney, Caitlin Wachs, Jon Foster, Matthew Dunn, Kevin O'Donnell, Janet Coleman, Bruce Thomas, Stephanie Romanov, Bruce Greenwood
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