“Brain Donors” quotes

Movie Brain Donors
Dennis Dugan directed this movie in 1992
Title Brain Donors
Year 1992
Director Dennis Dugan
Genre Comedy
Plot – A rich and old widow must meet the last wish of her husband: setting up a ballet company. She's helped by their pompous lawyer who manages to hire Monsieur Volare. The woman would prefer Ronald Flackfizer, even if his aim is the 500.000 dollar compensation. Thanks to Jacques, the bizarre handyman, and to Rocco, the taxi driver without a license, the lawyer plots against Monsieur Volare, replacing him with an unknown fellow who falls in love with the prima ballerina. Rocco confuses Baryshnikov with Gorbaicov but the three buddies will finally succeed in their plan.
All actors – John Turturro, Bob Nelson, Mel Smith, George De La Pena, John Savident, Spike Alexander, Juliana Donald, Nancy Marchand, Teri Copley, Irene Olga López, Rob Warren Thomas, Dick Monday
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