“Love at First Bite” quotes

Movie Love at First Bite
Title Love at First Bite
Year 1979
Director Stan Dragoti
Genre Comedy, Romance
Interpreted by
Plot – Count Vladimir Dracula is evicted from his own castle in Transylvania. Together with Renfield, Dracula moves to New York where he hopes to get married to Cindy Sondheim, a supermodel. In a hotel the Count meets Cindy but her boyfriend immediately discovers her. He's a psychiatrist and Van Helsing's grandson, Dracula's bitter enemy. The willing but clumsy doctor is defeated many times, he's arrested by lieutenant Ferguson and he's interned in a mental hospital. Dracula's victims increase and all the blood reserves disappear from the "Municipal Blood Bank". Dracula is chased, but he has vampirised Cindy and now they are flying to distant lands.
All actors – George Hamilton, Susan Saint James, Richard Benjamin, Dick Shawn, Arte Johnson, Sherman Hemsley, Isabel Sanford, Barry Gordon, Ronnie Schell, Bob Basso, Bryan O'Byrne, Michael Pataki
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