“Diner” quotes

Movie Diner
Title Diner
Year 1982
Director Barry Levinson
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – In Baltimore, five youngsters meet up to talk about the past and organize pranks together to renovate the memories. The head of the group is Boogie, a great lover who got into troubles with a deceitful man and now has to gamble to pay him 2,000 dollars back. There is the shy and gadfly Eddie who has to pass a ‘test’ before getting married. Then, Bill’s girlfriend is pregnant but she doesn’t want to marry him because she prefers her independent life. Another member of the group is a maniac jazz records’ collector, an immature man whose passion threatens his marriage.
All actors – Steve Guttenberg, Daniel Stern, Mickey Rourke, Kevin Bacon, Tim Daly, Ellen Barkin, Paul Reiser, Kathryn Dowling, Michael Tucker, Jessica James, Colette Blonigan, Kelle Kipp
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