“Bedazzled” quotes

Movie Bedazzled
Harold Ramis directed this movie in 2000
Title Bedazzled
Year 2000
Director Harold Ramis
Genre Comedy, Fantasy
Plot – Elliot Richards is offered by the devil himself the possibility to satisfy seven wishes in exchange for his soul. The two have met when Elliot was trying to kill himself because his girlfriend Allison left him. After many adventures, like becoming a rock star and a basketball champion, Elliot takes advantage of a distraction of the devil to take back his soul and finally to conquer Allison.
All actors – Brendan Fraser, Elizabeth Hurley, Frances O'Connor, Miriam Shor, Orlando Jones, Paul Adelstein, Toby Huss, Gabriel Casseus, Brian Doyle-Murray, Jeff Doucette, Aaron Lustig, Rudolf Martin
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