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  • “It's not everyday a man gets to view his wife making love from this vantage point.”

    Adrien Brody - Count Nicolas De La Motte
  • “- Preston: He was right. There is still some mystery left in this world, and we can all have a piece of it for the price of an admission ticket.
    - Jack Driscoll: That's the thing you come to learn about Carl, his undying ability to destroy the things he loves.”

    Colin Hanks - Preston
    Adrien Brody - Jack Driscoll
  • “- Jack Grace: Some nights I go out with Charlie and I rip off foreign business men. You should turn me into the police, you'd be doing the world a favor.
    - Claire Harrison: It's too late. Someone already did. I'm an undercover agent for the RICO squad.”

    Adrien Brody - Jack Grace
    Charlotte Ayanna - Claire Harrison
  • “- Richie: Where are you goin'?
    - Ruby: I'm gonna go.
    - Richie: I didn't say to go.
    - Ruby: Well, you didn't exactly say you wanted me to stay.
    - Richie: ...Stay.”

    Adrien Brody - Richie
    Jennifer Esposito - Ruby
    [Tag:leaving, pride]
  • “- Anthony: Hey, Ritch, why buying the cow when everybody else is gettin' the milk and steaks for free?
    - Richie: I like the cow.”

    Al Palagonia - Anthony
    Adrien Brody - Richie
  • - Fangora: When you get Lorena alone, put this on. Classical music makes women horny. Just trust me on this one.
    - Steven: Thanks. "Best of John Philip Sousa".
    - Fangora: Chicks dig it.

    Milla Jovovich - Fangora
    Adrien Brody - Steven
    [Tag:music, sex, women]
  • “The following day I asked her to wait for me, I never saw her again; I was arrested a few moments later. No doubt believing it was all another lie, she'd slit her wrists with a knife. As Charlie would say, the gods are on my side; the police found her, saving her life just in time.”
    Adrien Brody - Jack Grace
    [Tag:lies, police, suicide]
  • “- Ruby: I copped that Who's Next album. I was thinkin' about you.
    - Richie: Its great, right. Fuckin', those guys are like the godfathers of punk. You know that? You know that song, Baba O'Riley? Its my favorite song. You know who wrote that?
    - Ruby: Engelbert Humperdick? What? You don't think I know? Come on, I know. Pete Townsend.
    - Richie:...” (continue)
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    Jennifer Esposito - Ruby
    Adrien Brody - Richie
    [Tag:music, musicians]
  • “Everyone has a first time, Harry. Even you.”

    Adrien Brody - Arnie Finklestein
    [Tag:beginnings, doing]
  • “- Wladyslaw Szpilman: I don't know how to thank you.
    - Captain Wilm Hosenfeld: Thank God, not me. He wants us to survive. Well, that's what we have to believe.”

    Adrien Brody - Wladyslaw Szpilman
    Thomas Kretschmann - Captain Wilm Hosenfeld
  • “- Harry: You and I like a little pleasure with our pain.
    - Madeline Foster: I am not like you.”

    Adrien Brody - Harry
    Maura Tierney - Madeline Foster
    [Tag:pain, pleasure]
  • “- Richie: All right. What do you want me to tell you? Get a fuckin' divorce, then.
    - Vinny: Divorce is fuckin' evil, Ritchie. You got some fuckin' really bad advice.
    - Richie: Evil spelled backwards is live.
    - Vinny: You're a corny fuck, you know that?”

    Adrien Brody - Richie
    John Leguizamo - Vinny
    [Tag:divorce, words]
  • “That was a dumb monolouge.”

    Adrien Brody - Harry
    [Tag:speech, stupidity]
  • - Ben Kurtzman: The jawbone of the ass, where is it?
    - Grandma Rose: Is he crazy? What kind of talk is this?
    - Van Kurtzman: Your ass does not have a jawbone.
    - Ben Kurtzman: Well, Samson slew the Philistines with the jawbone of an ass!
    - Ada Kurtzman: Not your ass, an animal!
    - Ben Kurtzman: There's an animal called an "ass"?

    Ben Foster - Ben Kurtzman
    Frania Rubinek - Grandma Rose
    Adrien Brody - Van Kurtzman
    Bebe Neuwirth - Ada Kurtzman