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Movie Mumford
Lawrence Kasdan directed this movie in 1999
Title Mumford
Year 1999
Director Lawrence Kasdan
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Mumford is a psychologist who works in Mumford. He's a kind doctor and his patients like him. Sofie suffers from chronic fatigue, Skip is a lonely guy and cannot make friends, Althea feels neglected by her husband Jeremy, who doesn't want to go to the psychologist to talk about his personal things. Lily doesn't go too because she's Mumford's mistress of the house. On the other hand, the doctor is envied and suspected by other citizens and Lionel, the attorney, discovers Mumford is not a real doctor indeed.
All actors – Loren Dean, Hope Davis, Jason Lee, Alfre Woodard, Mary McDonnell, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Zooey Deschanel, Martin Short, David Paymer, Jane Adams, Dana Ivey, Kevin Tighe, Ted Danson, Jason Ritter, Elisabeth Moss, Kirk Fox, Scott N. Stevens, Robert Stack, Eddie Allen, Rick Dial, Joy Carlin, Hélène Cardona, Priscilla Barnes, Kelly Monaco, Steven Sennett, Amanda Carlin, Randall King, Arell Blanton, Eddie McClintock, Molly Schaffer, Simon Helberg, Lucie Laurier, Sam Sako, Penny Safranek, David Doty, Pamela Paulshock, Kathryn Howell, Sulo Williams, Simone Kerrick, Barbara Tuss, Ronald B. Morefield, Dick Mallon, Gea Carr, Chase Allen, Bryan Close, James Hiser, Roger Oyama, Naomi Sample, Joe Voltierra, Ron Kaell, T.J. Blair, Charles Okun, Douglas Bennett, Krystee Clark, Natalie Hays, Holt McCallany, Julie Nunis
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