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  • “- State Prosecutor: Your own words demand for direct confrontation!
    - Steve Biko: That's right, we demand confrontation.
    - State Prosecutor: Isn't that a demand for violence?
    - Steve Biko: Well, you and I are now in confrontation, but I see no violence.”

    Ian Richardson - State Prosecutor
    Denzel Washington - Steve Biko
  • “I will not touch the white man's poison; his drugs, his liquor, his swine, his women.”
    Denzel Washington - Malcolm X
  • “- Teenage Girl: I'm not that easy to kill. When my host dies and I move as spirit, no man can resist me. What are you going to do? Arrest me? What'll you tell Stanton then? I'd love to hear that one.
    - John Hobbes: It's me that you want. Why don't you just kill me.
    - Teenage Girl: But I'm still having fun.”

    Tara Carnes - Teenage Girl
    Denzel Washington - John Hobbes
  • “- Shanti: We used huge amounts of energy to create this image!
    - Doug Carlin: Alright, how huge?
    - Denny: Well you remember that little blackout we had a few years back, we blamed Canada, Canada blamed Michigan...”

    Erika Alexander - Shanti
    Denzel Washington - Doug Carlin
    Adam Goldberg - Denny
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  • “There are moments which mark your life. Moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same and time is divided into two parts, before this, and after this... Sometimes you can feel such a moment coming. That's the test, or so I tell myself. I tell myself that at times like that, strong people keep moving forward anyway, no matter what...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Denzel Washington - John Hobbes
    [Tag:moment, strength, test]
  • “- Jake Shuttlesworth: People make mistakes! People veer off the path! God forgives them!
    - Jesus Shuttlesworth: Has God forgiven you for killing my mother?
    - Jake Shuttlesworth: I pray that he has, Son. I believe he has. When will you?”

    Denzel Washington - Jake Shuttlesworth
    Ray Allen - Jesus Shuttlesworth
  • “- Pvt. Trip: Wait, no. That's my space, nigger. I sleep better close by the door.
    - Cpl. Thomas Searles: Well, if you don't mind, I'd prefer a space where there's more sufficient reading light.
    - Pvt. Trip: Oh, I like it when niggers talk good as white folk!
    - Cpl. Thomas Searles: I'd be happy to teach you. It would be my pleasure.”

    Denzel Washington - Pvt. Trip
    Andre Braugher - Cpl. Thomas Searles
  • “- Private First Class Peterson: I didn't kill much. Some things need gettin' rid of. Man like Waters never did nobody no good anyway, Captain.
    - Captain Davenport: Who gave you the right to judge? To decide who is fit to be a negro, and who is not? Who?”

    Denzel Washington - Private First Class Peterson
    Howard E. Rollins Jr. - Captain Davenport