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  • “People must not just give in to the hardship of life, they must find a way, even in these environments, to develop hope for themselves, hope for this country. Now I think that is what black consciousness is all about.”
    Denzel Washington - Steve Biko
  • “- Easy Rawlins: If you got a friend that you know does bad things, I mean real bad things, and you still keep him as a friend even though you know what he's like, do you think that's wrong?
    - Degan Odell: All you got is your friends.”

    Denzel Washington - Easy Rawlins
    Albert Hall - Odell
  • “- Hunter: What if Radchenko surrendered and it's over, huh? We launch. They see us, and they launch. Our birds pass each other in the air. Boom. What have you got?
    - Cob: Nuclear War.
    - Hunter: NuclearHolocaust.”

    Denzel Washington - Hunter
    George Dzundza - Cob
    [Tag:atomic bomb, war]
  • “No matter what, no matter how hard you grab onto something. You still lose it.”

    Denzel Washington - Doug Carlin
  • “- Monfriez: I play poker. Do you want to know a pokersecret, sir?
    - Nat Serlin: Always.
    - Monfriez: Find out what the people you are playing against are interested in, and pretend you're interested in it, too. They start running off at the mouth and don't pay no attention to their cards.”

    Lou Diamond Phillips - Monfriez
    Denzel Washington - Nat Serling
  • “I know we got issues, but rejecting your heart isn't going to make things easier, now is it?”

    Denzel Washington - Napoleon Stone
    [Tag:disease, heart]
  • “- Dr. Raj: You may cut a man's head off, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you kill him. Especially if he's already dead, which appears to be the case in this case. The victim died suddenly, but not instantaneously, due to a combination of searing, profound pain, and the emotional shock of seeing his arm turn deeply cyanotic. Uh, that means...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Keye Luke - Dr. Raj
    Denzel Washington - Xavier Quinn
    [Tag:animals, death]
  • “- Mama Lucas: You don't shoot cops. Even I know that. Eva knows it. The only one who doesn't seem to know is you.
    - Frank Lucas: All right, Mama. I'm not going to, I promise you. I'm not going to shoot anyone.”

    Ruby Dee - Mama Lucas
    Denzel Washington - Frank Lucas
    [Tag:killing, police]
  • “- Jack Moony: You go to hell!
    - Napoleon Stone: That's what I'm trying to avoid.”

    Bob Hoskins - Jack Moony
    Denzel Washington - Napoleon Stone
  • “- Lincoln Rhyme: How is your mother?
    - Eddie Ortiz: Oh, God, she's 76, and she's schtupping some guy named Morris. Can you believe it?
    - Lincoln Rhyme: God bless her.
    - Eddie Ortiz: It's Morris I'm worried about. He's 76, with a tricky ticker and an active pecker.”

    Denzel Washington - Lincoln Rhyme
    Luis Guzmán - Eddie Ortiz
  • “- Coed: Mr. X, I've read some of your speeches and I honestly believe a lot of what you say has truth to it. I have a good heart. I'm a good person despite my whiteness. What can the good white people like myself, who are not prejudiced, or racist, what can we do to help the cause?
    - Malcolm X: Nothing.”

    Denzel Washington - Malcolm X
    [Tag:idealism, racism]
  • “- Pvt. Trip: I'm from around Tennessee. I ran away when I was 12 years old and I ain't never looked back.
    - Pvt. Jupiter Sharts: What ya doin' since then?
    - Pvt. Trip: I run for President. [laughter] I didn't win though.”

    Denzel Washington - Pvt. Trip
    Jihmi Kennedy - Pvt. Jupiter Sharts
  • “Bumpy was rich, but he wasn't white man rich, you see he wasn't wealthy. He didn't own his own company. He thought he did, but he didn't. He just managed it. White man owned it so they owned him. Nobody owns me, though.”
    Denzel Washington - Frank Lucas
  • “- Jonesy: You don't smoke anymore.
    - John Hobbes: You're right I don't. You know why? Because cigarettes kill. Especially cigarettes laced with poison.
    - Jonesy: Bullshit.
    - John Hobbes: The same kind of poisons you used to kill my brother.”

    John Goodman - Jonesy
    Denzel Washington - John Hobbes
  • “- Detective Keith Frazier: Oh, please, do not say proposals... my girlfriend... she wants a proposal from me.
    - Dalton Russell: You think you're too young to get married?
    - Detective Keith Frazier: No, I'm not too young... too broke. Maybe I should rob a bank.
    - Dalton Russell: Do you love each other?
    - Detective Keith Frazier: Yeah, yeah, we...” (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Denzel Washington - Detective Keith Frazier
    Clive Owen - Dalton Russell
    [Tag:love, marriage, money]
  • “I thought about what Odell had said about friends, and it makes sense to me. Odell goes to church every Sunday, so he would know. Later on he challenged me to a game of dominoes, now what'd he go and do that for? We got to talking about Texas and fooled around, and drunk almost a quart of whiskey, and I forgot all about Daphne Monet, DeWitt...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Denzel Washington - Easy Rawlins
  • “- Pvt. Trip: What's the point? Ain't nobody gonna win. It's just gonna go on and on.
    - Col. Robert Gould Shaw: Can't go on forever.
    - Pvt. Trip: Yeah, but ain't nobody gonna win, sir.
    - Col. Robert Gould Shaw: Somebody's gonna win.
    - Pvt. Trip: Who? I mean, you get to go on back to Boston, big house and all that. What about us? What do we get?
    -...” (continue)
    (continue reading)

    Denzel Washington - Pvt. Trip
    Matthew Broderick - Col. Robert Gould Shaw
    [Tag:war, winning]
  • “We're going to have a racial explosion and that's more dangerous than an atomic explosion. It's going to explode because black people are dissatisfied. They're dissatisfied now not only with the white man, but with these Negroes who have been sitting around here posing as leaders and spokesmen for black people.”
    Denzel Washington - Malcolm X
  • “- General William Devereaux: Are you questioning my patriotism?
    - Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard: I am questioning your judgment!
    - General William Devereaux: I am here serving my president, and quite possibly not in the best interests of our nation. My profession does not allow me to make that kind of distinction.”

    Bruce Willis - General William Devereaux
    Denzel Washington - Anthony Hubbard
  • “Nigger, don't you ever, in your life, say anything against my mother!”

    Denzel Washington - Malcolm X
  • “- Jack Moony: How can you be sick? You're dead!
    - Napoleon Stone: It's psychological. [Moony laughs] What's so funny?
    - Jack Moony: A hypochondriac spook.”

    Bob Hoskins - Jack Moony
    Denzel Washington - Napoleon Stone
    [Tag:death, disease]
  • “- Jake Shuttlesworth: I want you to go to Big State.
    - Jesus Shuttlesworth: You just like everybody else.
    - Jake Shuttlesworth: No I'm not like everyone else. Everyone else ain't your father.”

    Denzel Washington - Jake Shuttlesworth
    Ray Allen - Jesus Shuttlesworth
    [Tag:caring, father, son]
  • “Racial prejudice I can understand, but ghost prejudice? Now that's a whole different concept.”
    Denzel Washington - Napoleon Stone
    [Tag:ghosts, prejudice]
  • “- Malcolm X: Man, who are you?
    - Baines: No, the question is who are you? Well, I'll tell you. You are lost in the darkness. But the Elijah Muhammad has come to bring you into the light. Elijah Muhammad can get you out of prison. Out of the prison of your mind.”

    Denzel Washington - Malcolm X
    Albert Hall - Baines
  • “- Carroll Oerstadt: You think you know what's coming? You don't have a clue.
    - Doug Carlin: I know where you're going. I know you're gonna be away for a long time. I know that.”

    Jim Caviezel - Carroll Oerstadt
    Denzel Washington - Doug Carlin
    [Tag:future, wonder]