“Before Sunrise” quotes

Movie Before Sunrise
Richard Linklater directed this movie in 1995
Title Before Sunrise
Year 1995
Director Richard Linklater
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – French girl Celine is traveling from Budapest to Paris and meets Jesse, who has to catch a plane in Vienna to return to America. Celine agrees to spend the night wandering through Vienna with him and they talk all the night about many different topics, from their emotional experiences to the fear of death, from wars to reincarnation. They are invited by two actors to a play, then they go into a music store, they visit Vienna's cemetery of the nameless, then they take a ride on the big wheel in the Prater. The couple then encounters a bizarre street poet and a foretelling who reads Celine's palms. In a church they question themselves about faith and Jesse talks about a Quaker marriage he has assisted to. Finally they reveal their mutual sentimental failures, they have lunch in a restaurant and spend the night kissing in the park. At the moment of departure, they swear to meet after six months.
All actors – Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Andrea Eckert, Hanno Pöschl, Karl Bruckschwaiger, Tex Rubinowitz, Erni Mangold, Dominik Castell, Haymon Maria Buttinger, Harald Waiglein, Bilge Jeschim, Kurti, Hans Weingartner, Liese Lyon, Peter Ily Huemer, Otto Reiter, Hubert Fabian Kulterer, Branko Andric, Constanze Schweiger, John Sloss, Alexandra Seibel, Georg Schöllhammer, Christian Ankowitsch, Wilbirg Reiter, Barbara Klebel, Wolfgang Staribacher, Wolfgang Glüxam, Adam Goldberg, Paul Poet
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