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  • “- Mike: I got a joke for you. What do they call a black man with a Lexus dealership?
    - Wendell: What?
    - Mike: Nigga.”

    Steve White - Mike
    Wendell Pierce - Wendell
    [Tag:cars, ethnicity]
  • “For 18 months I've been trying to get a job on your newspaper, but the only black people you hire do windows, mop floors and kiss ass. I don't like it, I've tried it.”
    Richard Pryor - Jack Brown
    [Tag:ethnicity, job, newspapers]
  • “- Babs: Then will you give me a job?
    - Narvel Blue: I got a hundred black men needjobs! Black women, too. Why should I give you one?
    - Babs: Because you need white faces.”

    Jessica Lange - Babs
    Carl Lumbly - Narvel Blue
    [Tag:ethnicity, job, unemployment]
  • “That's why I kind of look white. Because my daddy was white. You figured since I kind of look white, you could fuck me, what the hell... Because I was kind of black... you could dump me, what the hell.”

    Cynda Williams - Fantasia
    [Tag:attitude, ethnicity]
  • “- Chet: So I'm part Indian?
    - Otis: By blood you are. But blood only means what you let it.”

    Eddie Robinson - Chet
    Ron Canada - Otis
    [Tag:ethnicity, family]
  • - Elizabeth Halsey: Black citizens, who allege that your test are biased toward white people and orientals.
    - Carl Halabi: Okay. Lemme tell you something right away. "A"... Orientals test better. "B"... every couple of years we get these cockamamie charges coming in from various parts of the state and - lemme duh-dat - You should hear the things... (continue)
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    Cameron Diaz - Elizabeth Halsey
    Thomas Lennon - Carl Halabi
    [Tag:ethnicity, racism]
  • “In my prayer circle, I've been praying for more racial understanding. But, I still get anxious around ethnics.”
    Phoebe Strole - Epiphany Sellers
    [Tag:ethnicity, prayer, racism]
  • “- Black Arrow: White man's justice is very strange.
    - Pancho: White man's injustice is very strange, too.”

    Mark Roberts - Black Arrow
    Martin Garralaga - Pancho
    [Tag:ethnicity, injustice, justice]
  • “Your kind will never understand war, hobbit.”
    Hans Conried - Thorin Oakenshield
    [Tag:ethnicity, war]
  • “You know, I grew up around black people my whole life. I mean, if the truth be told, I probably know niggas better than you. And don't go getting offended by my use of the quote-unquote N-word. I have a black wife and two biracial kids, so I feel I have a right. I don't give a God damn what that prick Spike Lee says. Tarantino was right. Nigger...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Michael Rapaport - Thomas Dunwitty
    [Tag:ethnicity, racism, words]
  • “I thought only black lads were drug dealers!”
    Brendan Gleeson - Gerry Boyle
    [Tag:drugs, ethnicity]
  • “Remember, you're the first colored officer most of these men ever seen. The Army expects you to set an example for the colored troops... and be a credit to your race.”

    Trey Wilson - Colonel Nivens
    [Tag:army, ethnicity]
  • “- Carter: Who are you?
    - Master Yu: Yu.
    - Carter: No, not me. You.”

    Chris Tucker - Carter
    Henry O - Master Yu
    [Tag:ethnicity, misunderstanding, name]
  • “I'm half wop, I'm half nigger. I'm not afraid of nobody.”
    Roger Guenveur Smith - Rudy
    [Tag:courage, ethnicity]
  • “If the entire Secret Service couldn't protect the President of the United States, how the hell are we supposed to protect a few negroes! It is nothing more than some poor white trash drinking too much cheap alcohol. More likely paint thinner and snake juice because this state's as dry as a martini, and we've got the alcoholics to prove it.”
    R. Lee Ermey - Mayor Tilman
    [Tag:ethnicity, racism, safety]
  • “- Danny Archer: What if I helped you find your family?
    - Solomon Vandy: What do you know of my family?
    - Danny Archer: Relief agencies are useless, the hospitals are overwhelmed. There are other ways, bro.
    - Solomon Vandy: Liar!
    - Danny Archer: I know people, huh? White people. Without me, you're just another black man in Africa, alright?”

    Leonardo DiCaprio - Danny Archer
    Djimon Hounsou - Solomon Vandy
    [Tag:africa, ethnicity, helping]
  • “- Maria Elena Santiago: I'm Puerto Rican. And you're, you're not.
    - Charles Hardin 'Buddy' Holly: So I'll change my name to Chihuahua.”

    Maria Richwine - Maria Elena Santiago
    Gary Busey - Charles Hardin 'Buddy' Holly
    [Tag:ethnicity, name]
  • “Got a couple of tips... help you guys stay out of jail. One: try your hardest to not be Black or Hispanic.”
    Damon Wayans Jr. - Fosse
    [Tag:ethnicity, prison]
  • “What do you tell a man with two black eyes? Nothing, he's already been told twice.”
    Gregory Alan Williams - Darryl
    [Tag:colors, ethnicity, eyes]
  • “- Roy O'Bannon: What? You're a Maharajah! That's Indian royalty!
    - Chon Wang: But I'm Chinese.
    - Roy O'Bannon: It's the same thing.”

    Owen Wilson - Roy O'Bannon
    Jackie Chan - Chon Wang
    [Tag:diversity, ethnicity]
  • “- Lt. A.K. Waters: What've you got?
    - Kelly Lake: Ringside seats to an ethnic cleansing.”

    Kristin A. Scott Thomas - Lieutenant A.K. Waters
    Johnny Messner - Kelly Lake
    [Tag:ethnicity, racism]
  • “- Maj. Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell: What was that?
    - Pvt. DuBois: Appears to be a large Negro, sir.”

    Robert Stack - Maj. Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell
    J. Patrick McNamara - Pvt. DuBois
    [Tag:body, ethnicity]
  • “- Mayor Tilman: Fact is, we got two cultures down here: a white culture, and a colored culture. Now, that's the way it always has been, and that's the way it always will be.
    - Anderson: Rest of America don't see it that way, Mr. Mayor.
    - Sheriff Ray Stuckey: Rest of America don't mean jack shit. You are in Mississippi now.”

    R. Lee Ermey - Mayor Tilman
    Gene Hackman - Anderson
    [Tag:america, ethnicity]
  • “- John Cutter: Charlie, ever played roulette?
    - Charles Rane: On occasion.
    - John Cutter: Well, let me give you a word of advice. Always bet on black!”

    Wesley Snipes - John Cutter
    Bruce Payne - Charles Rane
    [Tag:ethnicity, gambling]
  • “- Obnoxious Girl: What do you mean you don't have bread, how can you not have bread?
    - Andrew Largeman: We're a Vietnamese restaurant, we just don't have bread.
    - Obnoxious Girl: Well, you're not Vietnamese.
    - Andrew Largeman: No, I'm not.
    - Obnoxious Girl: Can I have something to chew on! Fuck, bamboo! Whatever!”

    Jill Flint - Obnoxious Girl
    Zach Braff - Andrew Largeman
    [Tag:ethnicity, food]