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  • “- James Murray: Who's she?
    - Dr. William Chester Minor: The impossible.
    - James Murray: The more impossible, the greater the love.
    - Dr. William Chester Minor: Do you truly believe that? My heart is so sick.
    - James Murray: Well... what I know of love is that the sickness often becomes the cure.”

    Mel Gibson - James Murray
    Sean Penn - Dr. William Chester Minor
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  • “- Val Cannon: Don't be greedy.
    - Sherry Peatty: I'm not greedy! Val, I'm in love with you and if that's being greedy, then, I'm the biggest glutton that ever walked the earth.
    - Val Cannon: Don't make it sounds so ominous. It sounds like you're gonna eat me alive.
    - Sherry Peatty: I may just do that.”

    Vince Edwards - Val Cannon
    Marie Windsor - Sherry Peatty
    [Tag:falling in love, gluttony, greed]
  • “A woman happily in love, she burns the soufflé. A woman unhappily in love, she forgets to turn on the oven.”
    Marcel Dalio - Baron St. Fontanel
    [Tag:cooking, falling in love, women]
  • “- Joe Coughlin: I'm crazy about her.
    - Thomas Coughlin: Crazy isn't love.”

    Ben Affleck - Joe Coughlin
    Brendan Gleeson - Thomas Coughlin
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  • “It takes courage to be in love.”
    Kai Lennox - Bret Jackson
    [Tag:courage, falling in love]
  • “For when you get in love you are made all over again.”
    John Ireland - Jack Burden
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  • “- Wednesday Addams: I think that woman is deranged. Her face reminds me of a death mask.
    - Uncle Fester: Deranged? Death mask? If you say she has bad breath, I'm hearing wedding bells!”

    Chloë Grace Moretz - Wednesday Addams
    Nick Kroll - Uncle Fester
    [Tag:appearance, falling in love, ugliness]
  • “- Wyatt Earp: Mac, you ever been in love?
    - Mac: No, I've been a bartender all me life.”

    Henry Fonda - Wyatt Earp
    J. Farrell MacDonald - Mac the Barman
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  • “The mind of a woman in love is operating on the lowest level of the intellect!”
    Michael Chekhov - Dr. Alexander Brulov
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  • “- Constance Petersen: People fall in love, as they put it, because they respond to a certain hair coloring or vocal tones or mannerisms that remind them of their parents.
    - Anthony Edwardes: Or... or... sometimes for no reason at all.”

    Ingrid Bergman - Dr. Constance Petersen
    Edward Fielding - Dr. Anthony Edwardes
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  • “Women make the best psychoanalysts until they fall in love. After that they make the best patients.”
    Michael Chekhov - Dr. Alexander Brulov
    [Tag:falling in love, psychiatry, women]
  • “- Kitty March: You wouldn't know love if it hit you in the face.
    - Millie Ray: If that's where it hits you, you ought to know!”

    Joan Bennett - Katharine 'Kitty' March
    Margaret Lindsay - Millie Ray
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  • “The way I think of things, that all art is. Every painting, if it's any good, is a love affair.”
    Edward G. Robinson - Christopher Cross
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  • “- Agent H: You've never been in love, have you? I'm not making fun. I'm genuinely asking. You've never once abandoned logic for passion?
    - Agent M: Heh. No, I haven't. Passion is unstable, and logic is constant. Yeah. Physical attraction is nothing more than chemical reactions in your brain. Can't trust them. They're not real.
    - Agent H: Isn't...” (continue)
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    Chris Hemsworth - Agent H
    Tessa Thompson - Agent M
    Kumail Nanjiani - Pawny
    [Tag:attraction, falling in love]
  • “I think about you so much, I forget to go to the bathroom!”

    Seymour Cassel - Seymour Moskowitz
    [Tag:falling in love]
  • “- Frank Hamer: How'd she fall in with an outlaw like Barrow?
    - Deputy Ted Hinton: Bored to tears. Along come Clyde in a fine car, by the time she found out the car was stolen, she was already in love.
    - Maney Gault: Ain't that romantic. I met my wife she was milking a prize Devon at the Oklahoma State Fair, I can't imagine anybody writing a...” (continue)
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    Kevin Costner - Frank Hamer
    Thomas Mann - Deputy Ted Hinton
    Woody Harrelson - Maney Gault
    [Tag:falling in love, villain]
  • “I wish I could find the proper words to say. They just keep going around and around in my head. I just - I want to be - to be with you - all the time.”

    John Fraser - Colin
    [Tag:falling in love]
  • “- Mrs. Rendlesham: Have you fallen asleep?
    - Carol: Oh, I'm sorry.
    - Mrs. Rendlesham: I think you must be in love or something.”

    Monica Merlin - Mrs. Rendlesham
    Catherine Deneuve - Carol
    [Tag:falling in love, sleeping]
  • “- Cleve Van Valen: From the first moment I saw you I've known that I couldn't live without you.
    - Lilith Prescott: Well... I'd hate to be the cause of your death, Mr. Van Valen.”

    Gregory Peck - Cleve Van Valen
    Debbie Reynolds - Lilith Prescott
    [Tag:falling in love]
  • One day when I'm old, I want some lovely young girl to say to me, "Tell me, where in your long life, Mr. Caster, were you most happy?" And I shall say, 'Well, my dear, I never knew the exact place. It was somewhere on the Mediterranean. I was with Victoria Page." "What?" she will say. "Do you mean the famous dancer?" I will nod. "Yes, my dear, I... (continue)(continue reading)
    Marius Goring - Julian Craster
    [Tag:falling in love, happiness]
  • “If a man is truly in love, the most beautiful woman in the world couldn't take him away. Maybe for a few days, but not forever.”
    Eva Gabor
    [Tag:falling in love, men, treachery]
  • “- Pina: Have you known her long?
    - Giorgio Manfredi aka Luigi Ferraris: Four months. I'd just arrived in Rome. She used to eat in a certain restaurant. One day the air raid alarm went off and everyone ran. Just she and I were left. She just laughed. Wasn't scared at all.
    - Pina: And you fell in love.
    - Giorgio Manfredi aka Luigi Ferraris: It...” (continue)
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    Anna Magnani - Pina
    Marcello Pagliero - Giorgio Manfredi aka Luigi Ferraris
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  • “When I looked at you, exotic words drifted across the mirror of my mind like clouds across the summer sky.”

    Cornel Wilde - Richard Harland
    [Tag:charm, falling in love]
  • “She's getting fat sitting around waiting for you to fall in love with her again.”

    Lesley Manville - Cyril
    [Tag:falling in love, waiting]
  • “I've met another man. He's the best man I've ever met. He's bright, handsome and he's crazy about me. And, he's married. There's only one thing; he doesn't like my hat.”
    Lena Olin - Sabina
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