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  • “A marriage bed is made for two. But every damn morning, it's the woman who has to make it. We have heads as well as hands. I call upon men to let us use them!”
    Kim Hunter - Zira
    [Tag:equality, men, women]
  • “- Don Lope: It's true that there are no longer men of my kind. Of our kind.
    - Don Zenón: One thing that has not changed between yesterday and today. The taste for ladies.
    - Don Lope: I totally agree, but today there is so much effeminacy.”

    Fernando Rey - Don Lope
    José María Caffarel - Don Zenón
    [Tag:appreciation, men, women]
  • “- Sherlock Holmes: Madame must not be too hasty. She must remember that I am an Englishman.
    - Nikolai Rogozhin: So?
    - Sherlock Holmes: You know what they say about us: if there's one thing more deplorable than our cooking, it's our lovemaking. We are not the most romantic of people.
    - Nikolai Rogozhin: Perfect! We don't want sentimental idiots,...” (continue)
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    Robert Stephens - Sherlock Holmes
    Clive Revill - Rogozhin
    [Tag:england, men, seduction]
  • “- Dr. Watson: They say twelve men have died for her.
    - Sherlock Holmes: Really?
    - Dr. Watson: Six commited suicide, four were killed in duels and one fell out of the gallery of the Vienna Opera House.
    - Sherlock Holmes: That's only eleven.
    - Dr. Watson: The man who fell from the gallery landed on top of another man in the orchestra.
    - Sherlock...” (continue)
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    Colin Blakely - Dr. Watson
    Robert Stephens - Sherlock Holmes
    [Tag:death, men, women]
  • “I grew up in a martial arts gym surrounded by men and boys, and I pretty much call myself a tomboy.”
    Katheryn Winnick
    [Tag:martial arts, men]
  • “Never trust old men, old show men, old wankers!”
    Anita Pallenberg - Pherber
    [Tag:men, old age, trust]
  • “- Pherber: Did you never have a female feel?
    - Chas: No! Never! I feel like a man! A man - all the time.
    - Pherber: That's awful. That's what's wrong with you, isn't it?
    - Chas: What do you mean?
    - Pherber: A man's man's world.”

    Anita Pallenberg - Pherber
    James Fox - Chas
    [Tag:gender, men, women]
  • “- Pherber: How do you think Turner feels like, huh?
    - Chas: I don't know. He's weird. And you're weird. You're kinky!
    - Pherber: He's a man! Male and female man! And he feels like me.
    - Chas: No! No he doesn't!”

    Anita Pallenberg - Pherber
    James Fox - Chas
    [Tag:feeling, men, transgender, women]
  • “I told you that one should forgive a fallen woman. But I never said I would be able to. I can't forgive.”
    Vyacheslav Tikhonov - Prince Andrei Bolkonsky
    [Tag:cheating, forgiveness, men, women]
  • “- Tigrero, a.k.a. Loco: Can't a man provide for his old age?
    - Sheriff Burnett: I don't think you're gonna make it.”

    Klaus Kinski - Tigrero
    Frank Wolff - Sheriff Gideon Burnett
    [Tag:men, old age]
  • “They're all the same. Just like children. They want to be spanked, then given sweets.”

    Renee Houston - Miss Balch
  • “- John: Still keeping her legs crossed? She's getting you down, you know. The old, old story: not before we're married, darling. I wouldn't waste your money.
    - Reggie: She seems a bit lost to me.
    - John: I mean, don't let her being foreign fool you. They're all the same, these bloody virgins. They're just teasers, that's all.
    - Reggie: She seems...” (continue)
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    James Villiers - John
    Hugh Futcher - Reggie
    John Fraser - Colin
    [Tag:maidenhood, men, sex, women]
  • “There's only one way to deal with men. That's treat them as though you don't give a damn about them!”
    Renee Houston - Miss Balch
    [Tag:men, relationships, women]
  • “A man of 45 can still consider himself young until he realizes he has children old enough for love. Then old age comes over him in one blow.”
    Burt Lancaster - Prince Don Fabrizio Salina
    [Tag:aging, men]
  • “- Wang Chi-Yang: What do you know of marriage? What do you know of women?
    - Wang Ta: Sir, what did you know of marriage and women when you married my mother?
    - Wang Chi-Yang: Nothing. That is why I obeyed my father and married the woman he chose for me.”

    Benson Fong - Wang Chi-Yang
    James Shigeta - Wang Ta
    [Tag:ignorance, marriage, men, women]
  • “- Wang Ta: This is not China. This is a different world. And here a man has the right to choose his own wife.
    - Wang Chi-Yang: And here he also has the right to get divorced every year and pick a new one.”

    James Shigeta - Wang Ta
    Benson Fong - Wang Chi-Yang
    [Tag:choice, divorce, men]
  • “I'm strictly a female female and my future I hope will be | In the home of a brave and free male who'll enjoy being a guy having a girl like me.”

    Nancy Kwan - Linda Low
    [Tag:appreciation, men, women]
  • “Violence has always been unfortunately embedded in masculinity, this alpha thing.”
    Sebastian Stan
    [Tag:men, violence]
  • Funny, some men you see every day for ten years and you never notice; some men you see once and they're with you for the rest of your life.”
    Felicia Farr - Emmy
    [Tag:meeting, men]
  • “- Mary Stuart: Just be wary of these men. Their love is not the same as their respect.
    - Mary Fleming: Might I ask, since we’ve not known it ourselves, what is it like?
    - Mary Stuart: To have a man?
    - Mary Fleming: Mm-hmm.
    - Mary Stuart: I have only lain with François. He shook terribly from fright. The poor boy did his best. But it was over...” (continue)
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    Saoirse Una Ronan - Mary Stuart
    Maria Dragus - Mary Fleming
    [Tag:love, men, relationships, sex]
  • “- Terry Larue: How much do you know about that guy?
    - Dolly Moore: He's the best score I've made in a long time.”

    Robin Raymond - Terry Larue
    Barbara Nichols - Dolly Moore
    [Tag:meeting, men]
  • “They's no torture on earth to equal the torture which a cold woman inflicts on a man. They's no torture to compare with it!”
    Karl Malden - Archie Lee Meighan
    [Tag:men, sex, torture, women]
  • “A man's dignity is the one thing that holds him back from running amok.”
    James Smith - Godolphin
    [Tag:dignity, men]
  • “- Charles: What about that girl who sings?
    - Mrs. Alexis Richardson: Every man has a girl who sings someplace in his life.”

    Bruce Lester - Charles
    Kristine Miller - Mrs. Alexis Richardson
    [Tag:men, singing, women]
  • “If a man is truly in love, the most beautiful woman in the world couldn't take him away. Maybe for a few days, but not forever.”
    Eva Gabor