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  • “- Tucker: How's momma?
    - Gilbert: She's fat.
    - Tucker: Come on, man. She's not all that big, Gilbert.
    - Gilbert: What?
    - Tucker: Listen, I saw a guy at the state fair who was... a little bit bigger.
    - Gilbert: A little bit bigger?
    - Tucker: Look, all I'm sayin' is that she's not the biggest I ever seen, okay?
    - Gilbert: Tucker, she's a whale!
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    John C. Reilly - Tucker Van Dyke
    Johnny Depp - Gilbert Grape
    Leonardo DiCaprio - Arnie Grape
  • “Endora. Endora's where we are. Describing Endora is like dancing to no music. It's a town where nothing much ever happens, and nothing much ever will. Lamson Grocery is where I work. And miles out of town on the interstate there's Foodland... where everyone else shops. This is where I live with my family. My dad built the house. It's my job to...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Johnny Depp - Gilbert Grape