Killing quotes

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  • “You got one shot left in that shooter. Make the most of it.”

    Tom Selleck - Matthew Quigley
    [Tag:duel, killing, weapons]
  • “Innocence kills, Jen! Believe me, it kills! I see it every fucking day of my life!”
    James Woods - Lloyd Hopkins
    [Tag:innocence, killing]
  • “My master says make him betray her. If not, then kill him. Yes, he is my master. These talons were a heartbeat away from your throat. I could've killed you in an instant... but in the hour that I knew you, I loved you.”

    Belinda Mayne - Vella
    [Tag:killing, love]
  • “You're coming up in the world - you've learned how to kill each other.”
    Peter Weller - Joe Hendricksson
    [Tag:killing, learning]
  • “When a man sticks a gun in your face, you got two choices: you can die, or you can kill the motherfucker!”
    Sam Elliott - Wade Garrett
    [Tag:choice, killing, threat]
  • “- Reverend Coot: Declan, for the love of God!
    - Declan O'Brien: Get upstairs, fuckface! I can't keep God waiting!”

    Niall Toibin - Reverend Coot
    Ronan Wilmot - Declan O'Brien
    [Tag:killing, mercy]
  • “- Adam: Dad, remember the guy you said that would come if we didn't eat our vegetables? He's here!
    - Johnny: No, that's not the Boogieman, it's a homicidal killer.”

    Nicolas Cowan - Adam
    Ernie Reyes Jr. - Johnny
    [Tag:danger, killing, punishment]
  • “- Yellowbeard: You are a Yellowbeard!
    - Dan: What?
    - Yellowbeard: Killin' your father as I killed my father before me.
    - Dan: Dad, the blood...
    - Yellowbeard: That's what I like to hear! You are my son!”

    Graham Arthur Chapman - Yellowbeard
    Martin Hewitt - Dan
    [Tag:father, killing, pirate]
  • “- Mathilda: How much would it cost to hire someone to get those dirtbags who killed my brother?
    - Léon: Five grand a head.
    - Mathilda: Wow. How about this: I work for you; in exchange, you teach me how to clean. Hmmm? What do you think? I'll clean your place, I'll do the shopping, I'll even wash your clothes. Is it a deal?”

    Natalie Portman - Mathilda
    Jean Reno - Leon
    [Tag:deal, killing, teaching]
  • “- Rasputin: I will kill her. Crush her at the height of her glory.
    - Bartok: And we're back to the crushing. Sir, I'm begging you, please, please forget the girl and get a life!
    - Rasputin: Oh, I'll get a life, Bartok. Hers!”

    Chris Lloyd - Rasputin
    Hank Azaria - Bartok
    [Tag:killing, obsession]
  • “- Mae Mordabito: Evelyn. Evelyn. I'm sorry but I have to kill your son.
    [begins to chase Stillwell with a bat]
    - Doris Murphy: Mae! Mae! Don't use my bat! Use Marla's. It's heavier.”

    Madonna - Mae Mordabito
    Rosie O'Donnell - Doris Murphy - 3rd Base
    [Tag:killing, son]
  • “- John Doe: Realize detective, the only reason that I'm here right now is that I wanted to be.
    - Mills: No, no, we would have got you eventually.
    - John Doe: Oh really? So, what were you doing? Biding your time? Toying with me? Allowing five innocent people to die until you felt like springing your trap?”

    Kevin Spacey - John Doe
    Brad Pitt - Mills
    [Tag:chase, killing]
  • - Warren: Stop calling me Warren! My name isn't fucking Warren!
    - Debra: Well you can't kill me 'cause I'm already dead. And I talked to God, and she says, "yo, wassup?" and she wants you to lose the gun.
    - Warren: What? You are psycho. You're a psycho.

    Brendan Sexton III - Warren
    Robin Tunney - Debra
    [Tag:killing, madness, name]
  • “- Charlotte Taylor Wilson: You don't really believe the people are happy!
    - Don Diego Vega: All I know is the soldiers are quite happy shooting the people who say the people are not happy.”

    Lauren Hutton - Charlotte Taylor Wilson
    George Hamilton - Don Diego Vega
    [Tag:happiness, killing, soldiers]
  • “- Shale: You don't want soldiers, you want killers.
    - Matt Wolfson: You know, you'll have to excuse me here Shale, 'cause I wasn't aware there was that much of a difference.”

    Tom Berenger - Jonathan Shale
    Cliff De Young - Matt Wolfson
    [Tag:killing, soldiers]
  • “Two things happen to a man in jail. He comes out a killer or he comes out a Christian.”
    Namir Khan - Bartender
    [Tag:conversion, killing, prison]
  • “- Jason Petty: You know they shot that kid for no reason.
    - Rene Petty: Oh, you need a reason to get shot nowadays, Jason? I don't think so.”

    Shar-Ron Corley - Jason Petty
    Gwen McGee - Rene Petty
    [Tag:killing, motive]
  • “Sometimes I wonder about the karmic implications of these actions.”

    Rory Calhoun - Vincent Smith
    [Tag:karma, killing]
  • “You all acting like some motherfucking bitches! Scared to peel these punk-ass niggas cap! Man, gimme my motherfucking joint nigga!”
    MC Eiht - A-Wax
    [Tag:anxiety, fear, killing]
  • “I did two tours of duty in southeast Asia and I was married for five years. I couldn't tell you which experience was worse. I knew she was Japanese going in, but she didn't tell me about the Ninja assassin part.”
    Stephen J. Lang - Mikey
    [Tag:experience, japan, killing]
  • “- Vincent Smith: We had this old dog, you see, and it used to bother granny barking through her naps and all that so one day she asked me to shush it for her. Ha! I shushed it all right.
    - Ida Smith: Yeah, he sure did. He smoked that old dog just like a hog.”

    Rory Calhoun - Vincent Smith
    Nancy Parsons - Ida Smith
    [Tag:cooking, dogs, killing]
  • “- Berger: We read five times that you were killed, in five different places.
    - Victor Laszlo: As you can see, it was true every single time.”

    John Qualen - Berger
    Paul Henreid - Victor Laszlo
    [Tag:death, killing, truth]