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  • “Sadness is easier because it's surrender.”
    Kirsten Dunst - Claire Colburn
  • “- Torrance Shipman: Ever been to a cheerleading competition?
    - Missy Pantone: Oh, you mean like a football game?
    - Torrance Shipman: No, not a game, those are like practices for us. I'm talking about a tournament. ESPN cameras all around. Hundreds of people cheering.
    - Cliff Pantone: Wait a minute, people cheering... cheerleaders?
    - Torrance...” (continue)
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    Kirsten Dunst - Torrance Shipman
    Eliza Dushku - Missy Pantone
    Jesse Bradford - Cliff Pantone
  • “Everybody's got to take a roadtrip, at least once in their lives. Just you and some music.”
    Kirsten Dunst - Claire Colburn
  • “- Jan: They don't go, we win; once again, we're the best.
    - Torrance Shipman: I define being the best as competing against the best there is out there and beating them. They have to go.”

    Nathan West - Jan
    Kirsten Dunst - Torrance Shipman
  • - Betsy Jobs: Checkers pooped.
    - Rose Mary Woods: Girls, the President's dog doesn't "poop". He "does his business".

    Kirsten Dunst - Betsy Jobs
    Ana Gasteyer - Rose Mary Woods
    [Tag:dogs, shit]
  • “- Justin Shipman: It's not my fault you're in love with a big gay cheerleader who won't return your phone calls.
    - Torrance Shipman: Aaaron is not gay!
    - Justin Shipman: Oh, what, so somebody just made him become a cheerleader?”

    Cody McMains - Justin Shipman
    Kirsten Dunst - Torrance Shipman
  • “- Tinka Parker: Look, Von Stefan. I know you like this place the way it is, but wake up. It's not real life. Real life is boy, girl, boy, girl.
    - Verena Von Stefan: No, real life is boy on top of girl.”

    Monica Keena - Tinka Parker
    Kirsten Dunst - Verena von Stefan
    [Tag:men, sex, women]
  • “- Mary Jane: I wanna... act. On stage.
    - Peter Parker: Really? Well that's perfect. You were awesome in all the school plays.
    - Mary Jane: Really?
    - Peter Parker: Yeah. I cried like a baby when you played Cinderella.
    - Mary Jane: Peter, that was first grade.
    - Peter Parker: Well, even so...”

    Kirsten Dunst - Mary Jane Watson
    Tobey Maguire - Peter Parker
    [Tag:ability, acting]
  • “- Peter Shepherd: Do you miss mom and dad?
    - Judy Shepherd: No.
    - Peter Shepherd: Liar. If you don't cut that out, they're gonna send you to a shrink.
    - Judy Shepherd: Where do you think they're gonna send you if you don't start talking?”

    Bradley Pierce - Peter Shepherd
    Kirsten Dunst - Judy Shepherd
  • “- Kelly: Are you crying?
    - Berke Landers: No, you're squeezing my puncture wound.”

    Kirsten Dunst - Kelly Woods
    Ben Foster - Berke Landers
    [Tag:crying, wound]
  • “You can't let Dick control your life!”

    Kirsten Dunst - Betsy Jobs
    [Tag:freedom, name, words]
  • “Who will take care of me, my love, my dark angel, when you are gone?”
    Kirsten Dunst - Claudia
    [Tag:caring, loss]
  • “- Nicole: So, Mr. Nunez, it was great knowing you. I hope you have a wonderful life.
    - Carlos: Let's leave. Let's get out of here right now.
    - Nicole: What, aren't you in the middle of an exam? Like right now?
    - Carlos: So?
    - Nicole: I'm not letting you walk out of your midterm.
    - Carlos: I already did.
    - Nicole: You know Annapolis is...” (continue)
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    Kirsten Dunst - Nicole Oakley
    Jay Hernandez - Carlos Nuñez
  • “- Nicole:I want to be good for you.
    - Carlos: You are good for me.
    - Nicole: Not if I keep taking you away from everything you've worked so hard for. I want to make things better for once, not worst. Cause I really want to be with you, I can't keep running away from things.
    - Carlos: I'm here for you.
    - Nicole: I know you are.”

    Kirsten Dunst - Nicole Oakley
    Jay Hernandez - Carlos Nuñez
  • “- Betsy Jobs: Isn't it against the law to cut up the flag?
    - Arlene Lorenzo: Not if you sew it back together.”

    Kirsten Dunst - Betsy Jobs
    Michelle Williams - Arlene Lorenzo
    [Tag:flag, illegality]
  • “- Torrance Shipman: Do you know what this means? My entire cheerleading career has been a lie.
    - Missy Pantone: Well, look on the bright side: It's only cheerleading!
    - Torrance Shipman: I am only cheerleading.”

    Kirsten Dunst - Torrance Shipman
    Eliza Dushku - Missy Pantone
  • “- Christy Fimple: You rescued me!
    - Alan Abernathy: Anytime.”

    Kirsten Dunst - Christy Fimple
    Gregory Smith - Alan Abernathy
    [Tag:caring, rescue]
  • “- Nicole: You know I really want to kiss you right now.
    - Carlos: I really want to kiss you too. When the time is right.
    - Nicole: So you just let me know when that time is right.”

    Kirsten Dunst - Nicole Oakley
    Jay Hernandez - Carlos Nuñez
  • “- Louis: Do you think I would let them harm you?
    - Claudia: No, you would not, Louis. Danger holds you to me.
    - Louis: Love holds you to me.”

    Brad Pitt - Louis
    Kirsten Dunst - Claudia
    [Tag:danger, love, pain]
  • “- Annette Atkins: [walks in and sees the camera crew] Aw, shit.
    - Amber Atkins: Oh, they're from Los Angeles. They wanted to see my room and film me for their movie.
    - Annette Atkins: Yah, well, if they ask you to take your top off, get the money first.”

    Ellen Barkin - Annette Atkins
    Kirsten Dunst - Amber Atkins
  • “- Claudia: You... fed on me.
    - Louis: Yes. And he found me with you, and he cut his wrist and fed you from it, and you were a vampire and have been every night thereafter.
    - Claudia: You both did it.
    - Louis: I took your life... He gave you another one.
    - Claudia: And here it is, and I hate you both.”

    Kirsten Dunst - Claudia
    Brad Pitt - Louis
    [Tag:life, vampire]
  • “- Judy Shepherd: There's a lion in my aunt's bedroom. What am I supposed to do about that?
    - Alan Parrish: What do I look like, a Ringling Brother?
    - Judy Shepherd: But she'll be home soon!
    - Alan Parrish: Won't she be surprised! I hope she's not allergic to cats.”

    Kirsten Dunst - Judy Shepherd
    Robin Williams - Alan Parrish
    [Tag:danger, lions]
  • “- Whitney: No one will miss Big Red, Torr. She puts the 'itch' in bitch.
    - Courtney: She puts the 'whore' in horrifying.
    - Torrance Shipman: You know, it's her last practice; how would you feel?
    - Courtney: Big Red has no feelings!”

    Nicole Bilderback - Whitney
    Clare Kramer - Courtney
    Kirsten Dunst - Torrance Shipman
  • “Goodnight sweet prince, may flights of devils wing you to your rest.”
    Kirsten Dunst - Claudia
    [Tag:death, devil]
  • “Butter! Oh isn't butter divinity? Oh god thank you for this breakfast.”
    Kirsten Dunst - Younger Amy March