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  • “- Mina Murray: How did Lucy die? Was she in great pain?
    - Professor Abraham Van Helsing: Yeah, she was in great pain! Then we cut off her head, and drove a stake through her heart, and burned it, and then she found peace.”

    Winona Ryder - Mina Murray
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Abraham Van Helsing
    [Tag:death, pain, peace]
  • - Ted Crawford: You know, my grandfather was an egg farmer.
    - Willy Beachum: This isn't going to be about your, uh, "rough childhood," is it?

    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Ted Crawford
    Ryan Gosling - Willy Beachum
  • “- John Quincy Adams: Now, you understand you're going to the Supreme Court. Do you know why?
    - Cinque: It is the place where they finally kill us.”

    Philip Anthony Hopkins - John Quincy Adams
    Djimon Hounsou - Cinque
    [Tag:court, judges, justice]
  • “- Lieutenant William Bligh: My dear God. I had hoped to avoid this.
    - Fletcher Christian Master's Mate: Avoid what, sir?
    - Lieutenant William Bligh: Damn it all, man. I'm expected to sleep with her. She's one of King Tynah's wives. A gift from one chief to another, as it were. Now look, five minutes after I go below you must call me up on some...” (continue)
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    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Lieutenant William Bligh
    Mel Gibson - Fletcher Christian Master's Mate
    [Tag:gift, sex]
  • “- Reporter #1: Dr. Kellogg, how did you come to invent the corn flake?
    - Dr. John Harvey Kellogg: The corn flake, sir, is just one of my 75 creations for heathy livin', among them peanut butter and the electric blanket.”

    Rich Valliere - Reporter #1
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Dr. John Harvey Kellogg
  • “He that wounded her hath hurt me more than had he killed me dead.”
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Titus Andronicus
    [Tag:pain, sorrow]
  • “- Jake Hayes: Even if they don't shoot you, they take your life.
    - Officer Oaks: I know it sounds hokey, but I honestly believe that our work is about something bigger than ourselves. We're offering you the chance to become part of that, find a purpose.
    - Jake Hayes: You ain't offering me nothing but a chance to get a bullet in my ass. I don't...” (continue)
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    Chris Rock - Jake Hayes
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Officer Oakes
    [Tag:chance, death, job]
  • “- William Parrish: You're at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong woman!
    - Joe Black: Are you threatening me?
    - William Parrish: Yeah, I certainly hope so.”

    Philip Anthony Hopkins - William Parrish
    Brad Pitt - Joe Black
  • “- Jake Hayes: Is this shit dangerous?
    - Officer Oaks: Yes there's some risk.
    - Jake Hayes: What kind of risk, you talkin' bank credit risk, or bullet-in-ass risk?”

    Chris Rock - Jake Hayes
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Officer Oakes
  • “Am I a good man? Or a bad man? That's all...”
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Frederick Treves
  • “To go to bed with a man and lie to him? She's a woman. She's got all the training she needs.”
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Mission Commander Swanbeck
    [Tag:lying, sex, women]
  • “- Richard M. Nixon: This is about me. Why can't you understand that, you of all people? It's not the war - It's Nixon! They want to destroy Nixon! And if I expose myself even the slightest bit they'll tear my insides out. Do you want that? Do you want to see that, buddy? It's not pretty.
    - Pat Nixon: Sometimes I think that's what you want.”

    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Richard M. Nixon
    Joan Allen - Pat Nixon
  • “- Alfred Hitchcock: My contract guarantees me final cut on all of my pictures.
    - Barney Balaban: It also states that Paramount doesn't have to release anything that might cause the studio embarrassment!
    - Alfred Hitchcock: As opposed to those last five Martin and Lewis pictures you're so proud of?”

    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Alfred Hitchcock
    Richard Portnow - Barney Balaban
    [Tag:movie, shame]
  • “Beware, all men are potential murderers. And for good reason.”

    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Alfred Hitchcock
    [Tag:food, men, murder]
  • “- Ted Crawford: My dick has evidence.
    - Judge Robinson: Excuse me?
    - Ted Crawford: My dick... my private investigator. I call him Dick.”

    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Ted Crawford
    Fiona Shaw - Judge Robinson
  • “- Willy Beachum: I'm not going to play any games with you.
    - Ted Crawford: I'm afraid you have to old sport.”

    Ryan Gosling - Willy Beachum
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Ted Crawford
  • “Never feel sorry for a man who owns a plane.”
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Charles Morse
    [Tag:sorrow, wealth]
  • “- Alejandro Murrieta: I miss my brother, sir.
    - Don Diego de la Vega: Your brother is dead. We lose the ones we love, we cannot change it. Put it aside.
    - Alejandro Murrieta: How? How can I do what is needed, when all I feel is... hate.
    - Don Diego de la Vega: [holds up black mask] You hide it, with this.”

    Antonio Banderas - Alejandro Murrieta
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Don Diego de la Vega
    [Tag:hatred, sorrow]
  • “- Margaret Schlegel: I deny it's madness.
    - Henry Wilcox: But you said yourself...
    - Margaret Schlegel: It's madness when I say it, but not when you say it.”

    Emma Thompson - Margaret Schlegel
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Henry Wilcox
  • “What one man can do, another can do.”
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Charles Morse
  • “- Dracula: I, who served the Cross. I, who commanded nations, hundreds of years before you were born.
    - Professor Abraham Van Helsing: Your armies were defeated. You tortured and impaled thousands of people.
    - Dracula: I was betrayed. Look what your God has done to me!”

    Gary Leonard Oldman - Dracula
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Abraham Van Helsing
    [Tag:cruelty, glory, past]
  • “Think to yourself that every day is your last. The hour to which you do not look forward will come as a welcome surprise. As for me, when you want a good laugh, you will find me in fine state, fat and sleek, a true hog of Epicurus's herd.”
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Dr. Hannibal Lecter
    [Tag:living, pleasure]
  • “- Alfred: I don't know what to say. Tristan's always been wild. You love him for that.
    - Susannah: Do I? Yeah, I suppose I do.
    - Alfred: Susannah, he does love you.
    - Colonel Ludlow: Alfred! She's to be your brother's wife.
    - Alfred: Yes, though you might better remind him of that.
    - Colonel Ludlow: He's not here to defend himself.
    - Alfred: No,...” (continue)
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    Aidan Quinn - Alfred Ludlow
    Julia Ormond - Susannah Fincannon
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Col. William Ludlow
    [Tag:leaving, rage, wife]
  • “- Don Diego de la Vega: Do you know how to use that thing?
    - Alejandro Murrieta: Yes. The pointy end goes into the other man.
    - Don Diego de la Vega: [sighs] This is going to take a lot of work.”

    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Don Diego de la Vega
    Antonio Banderas - Alejandro Murrieta
  • “- Hannibal Lecter: Given the chance, you would deny me my life, wouldn't you?
    - Clarice Starling: Not your life.
    - Hannibal Lecter: Just my freedom.”

    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Hannibal Lecter
    Julianne Moore - Clarice Starling
    [Tag:freedom, life, losing]