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  • “- Ulee Jackson: The Chinese don't have anything like our Tupelo.
    - Chance Barrow: Ulee, most folks don't seem to care any more. The cheap honey floods the market.
    - Ulee Jackson: The bees and I have an understanding. I take care of them, and they take care of me. We both just have to work a little harder, that's all.”

    Peter Fonda - Ulee Jackson
    Traber Burns - Chance Barrow
    [Tag:business, caring, food]
  • “I don't care if the turkey said the dog was a turkey! The dog is not the turkey! The turkey's the turkey, you turkey!”
    Gerard Parkes - Doc
    [Tag:animals, food]
  • “- Stewardess: Pardon me. Would you like chicken Kiev, Chateaubriand or veal cutlet Florentine for lunch?
    - Renfield: Everything you mentioned is dead. Don't you have anything that's alive and kicking?”

    Judy Penrod - Stewardess
    Arte Johnson - Renfield
    [Tag:death, food]
  • “- Martin: The Leader wants them living. Some of them will be made into troops for battles with his enemy.
    - Mike Donovan: And the others?
    - Martin: In addition to the water... there is another basic shortage on our planet.
    - Mike Donovan: Food!”

    Frank Ashmore - Martin
    Marc Singer - Mike Donovan
    [Tag:enemy, food, people]
  • “- Captain Knewt: Sergeant, I hope you like vodka.
    - Radar Analyst Kirkland: Yes, sir. I just hope they don't make me eat none of them damn fish eggs.”

    Jason Bernard - Captain Knewt
    Billy Ray Sharkey - Radar Analyst
    [Tag:food, russians, wine and spirits]
  • “- Teela: What a barbaric world...
    - Duncan: Never think while you are hungry.”

    Chelsea Field - Teela
    Jon Cypher - Duncan (Man-at-Arms)
    [Tag:animals, cruelty, food]
  • “- Fred Ritter: You like McNuggets?
    - Ben Jahveri: Who is he?
    - Fred Ritter: Trust me.”

    Michael McKean - Fred Ritter
    Fisher Stevens - Ben Jahveri
  • “I've got to stop eating that Cuban food! It's ripping up my insides.”
    David Rasche - Mike Parnell
    [Tag:eating, food, obesity]
  • - Michaelangelo: Ah, ninja pizza!
    - Donatello: "Ninja pizza"?
    - Michaelangelo: Pizza that vanish quickly without trace!

    Michelan Sisti - Michaelangelo
    Leif Tilden - Donatello
  • “We're cooking here. This is a stew, a gumbo, a jambalaya, if you will. We're just jamming.”
    George Wendt - Film Producer
    [Tag:cooking, food]
  • “Anything I eat's gotta be absolutely dead. That is why I can never eat an oyster. I read somewhere that they put that lemon juice on them just to stun them. What's the difference?”
    John Malkovich - Al Rockoff
    [Tag:eating, food]
  • - Vincent Vega: You know what they call a... a... a "Quarter Pounder with Cheese" in Paris?
    - Jules Winnfield: They don't call it a "Quarter Pounder with cheese"?
    - Vincent Vega: No man, they got the metric system. They wouldn't know what the fuck a Quarter Pounder is.
    - Jules Winnfield: Then what do they call it?
    - Vincent Vega: They call it a ... (continue)
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    John Travolta - Vincent Vega
    Samuel L. Jackson - Jules Winnfield
    [Tag:food, name, paris]
  • “It's not our battle to fight, Johnson. We have enough trouble getting soy sauce into these tiny packets!”
    Arthur Eng - Chinese Waiter #2
    [Tag:business, food, trouble]
  • “- Mollie: So you're the one who was kicking me.
    - Voice of Mikey: Well, you're the one who ate all that spicy food.”

    Kirstie Alley - Mollie
    Bruce Willis - Voice of Mikey
    [Tag:food, pregnancy]
  • “- Harry Sears: Nobody hungry? I'm buyin'. Hey, I'm not kiddin' around. I'm really buyin'.
    - Iris: Real food? Or that junk garbage we have every night?
    - Harry Sears: No, no... Five blocks up the road there's a new Fatburger. It's fantastic.
    - Molly: For once, can't we eat in a place with a table cloth?
    - Harry Sears: It's ok with me but those...” (continue)
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    Peter Falk - Harry Sears
    Vicki Frederick - Iris
    Laurene Landon - Molly
    [Tag:food, health, money]
  • “- Joe Brofmowski: Mom, I don't like eggs.
    - Tutti: If you don't eat them now, they'll be waiting here for you at dinner.”

    Sylvester Stallone - Joe Bomowski
    Estelle Getty - Tutti
    [Tag:food, like, rigor]
  • “- Jojo: You know what I wonder?
    - Daisy: What?
    - Jojo: What the hell do you think Leona really puts in that pizza?”

    Lili Taylor - Jojo
    Julia Roberts - Daisy
    [Tag:cooking, food, thinking]
  • “This is grain, which any fool can eat, but for which the Lord intended a more divine means of consumption. Let us give praise to our maker and glory to his bounty by learning about... beer.”
    Michael McShane - Friar Tuck
    [Tag:food, god, wine and spirits]
  • “- Vada Sultenfuss: Dad, I don't want to upset you, but my left breast is developing at a significantly faster rate than my right. It can only mean one thing: cancer. I'm dying.
    - Harry Sultenfuss: [making a sandwich] Okay, sweetie, hand me the mayonnaise out of the fridge.”

    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    Dan Aykroyd - Harry Sultenfuss
    [Tag:death, disease, food]
  • “- Pa Tex: Remember before when I told you that everything I own is the biggest and the best? Well you're already the best. Now there's nothing left but to make you the biggest.
    - Ma Tex: And don't fret about not being able to clean up your plate. Why soon your stomach will stretch and stretch and your capacity for food will grow and grow.
    -...” (continue)
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    Dan Aykroyd - Pa Tex
    Reba McEntire - Ma Tex
    Elijah Wood - North
    [Tag:eating, food, obesity]
  • “- Fletcher Munson: Imminent sustenance.
    - Mrs. Munson: Overly dramatic statement regarding upcoming meal.
    - Fletcher Munson: Oooh! False reaction indicating hunger and excitement!”

    Steven Soderbergh - Fletcher Munson
    Betsy Brantley - Mrs. Munson
    [Tag:eating, food, hunger]
  • “- Geezil: What is that glop you're eating?
    - Wimpy: It's a soup burger. These are difficult times. Burgers can't be choosers.”

    Richard Libertini - Geezil
    Paul Dooley - Wimpy