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  • “- David Ackerman: You fucking lied to Garcia.
    - Nick Pulovski: I didn't lie to him. I just didn't tell him the truth.”

    Charlie Sheen - David Ackerman
    Clint Eastwood - Nick Pulovski
    [Tag:lies, truth]
  • “- Highway: Your nightstick file for divorce, Reese?
    - Reese: Who the hell do you think you are? Pissin' on my squad car. You think you can break our rules and then just walk away? Or are we supposed to wet our pants over your dress blues and your Goddamn colored ribbons. Take a look at that file of yours sometime, hero. Check the dates. It's...” (continue)
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    Clint Eastwood - Highway
    John Hostetter - Reese
    [Tag:insult, police, threat]
  • “- Highway: What are you smiling at shit-bird?
    - Jones: Man, I knew you were Santa Claus.
    - Highway: Yeah? Well if you ever pull another suckhead play like that the only thing that's gonna beat you to the brig are the headlights of the ambulance your on.”

    Clint Eastwood - Highway
    Mario Van Peebles - Stitch
    [Tag:humor, threat]
  • “- Captain Briggs: I ought to bust your ass down to traffic. Or better yet, kick it off the force! You're a dinosaur, Callahan. Your ideas don't fit today.
    - Harry Callahan: Just what ideas are these? That murder's a crime? That it shouldn't be punished?”

    Bradford Dillman - Captain Briggs
    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
  • “You got your whole life ahead of you, but for me, I finish things.”

    Clint Eastwood - Walt Kowalski
  • “- Mitch Leary: Watching the President, I couldn't help wondering why a man like you would risk his life to save a man like that. You have such a strange job - I can't decide if it's heroic or absurd.
    - Frank Horrigan: Why would a man like you want to risk his life to kill a man like that?”

    John Malkovich - Mitch Leary
    Clint Eastwood - Frank Horrigan
    [Tag:job, risk]
  • “- Beryl Thibodeaux: Do you investigate many sexualcrimes?
    - Wes Block: Why?
    - Beryl Thibodeaux: I was wondering if they've had any... effect on you.
    - Wes Block: Well, they did make me want to treat my wife a little more tenderly.
    - Beryl Thibodeaux: How did she respond?
    - Wes Block: She said she wasn't interested in tenderness.”

    Geneviève Bujold - Beryl Thibodeaux
    Clint Eastwood - Wes Block
  • “- Harry Callahan: Are you suspending me, sir?
    - Police Commissioner: No, I'm saying you take a vacation until this cools off.
    - Harry Callahan: But I'm not up for a vacation!
    - Police Commissioner: Callahan, I'm not going to fence with you. Take a few days off.”

    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
    Bill Reddick - Police Commissioner
  • “There's plain few problems can't be solved with a little sweat and hard work.”
    Clint Eastwood - Preacher
  • “- Morales: I saw you die.
    - Nick Pulovski: Well, welcome to Hell!”

    Tony Plana - Morales
    Clint Eastwood - Nick Pulovski
    [Tag:death, hell]
  • “- English: Now I figure there's two reasons why you didn't sit down on my step. Either you're too scared, or you just hate niggers. Now which is it, boy? You too scared?
    - Frank Morris: Nah. I just hate niggers.”

    Paul Benjamin - English
    Clint Eastwood - Frank Morris
  • “This is the AK-47 assault rifle, the preferred weapon of your enemy; and it makes a distinctive sound when fired at you, so remember it.”
    Clint Eastwood - Highway
    [Tag:enemy, threat, weapons]
  • “Any man worth his salt can fix almost any problem with this stuff alone.”

    Clint Eastwood - Walt Kowalsky
  • “- Jennifer Spencer: I saw the commotion the other day; you're either a cop or public enemy number one.
    - Harry Callahan: Some people might say both.
    - Jennifer Spencer: Really, who?
    - Harry Callahan: Oh, bozos with big brass nameplates on their desk and asses the shape of the seat of their chairs.”

    Sondra Locke - Jennifer Spencer
    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
    [Tag:enemy, police]
  • “- Luther Whitney: I'm the man who robbed you. And you're the man who tried to kill me.
    - Walter Sullivan: I'm sorry I've missed. I belive in the Old Testament, sir. There's nothing wrong for an eye for an eye for a terrible deed is been done, the deed such as yours.”

    Clint Eastwood - Luther Whitney
    E.G. Marshall - Walter Sullivan
  • “- Bob Gerson: How old are ya, Frank?
    - Frank Corvin: Old enough to know your ass is in a sling.”

    James Cromwell - Bob Gerson
    Clint Eastwood - Frank Corvin
  • “- Colonel Meyers: I had a rifle company in the 1st Battalion and 7th in '68.
    - Highway: Well, we sure as hell chewed some of the same dirt, sir.
    - Colonel Meyers: That's for sure. What's your assessment of this exercise?
    - Highway: It's a cluster fuck.”

    Richard Venture - Colonel Meyers
    Clint Eastwood - Highway
  • “- Thao: You should quit. Those things are bad for you.
    - Walt Kowalski: Yeah? So's being in a gang.”

    Bee Vang - Thao
    Clint Eastwood - Walt Kowalski
    [Tag:badness, behavior]
  • “- Captain Briggs: Think things over, Callahan. Get with it. It's a whole new ball game these days.
    - Harry Callahan: Funny. I never thought of it as a game.”

    Bradford Dillman - Captain Briggs
    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
    [Tag:changing, game]
  • “- Frankie Dunn: By keeping her alive, I'm killing her.
    - Father Horvak: You step aside. You leave her with God.
    - Frankie Dunn: She's not asking for God's help. She's asking for mine.
    - Father Horvak: Forget about God or heaven and hell. If you do this thing, you'll be lost. Somewhere so deep you'll never find yourself again.”

    Clint Eastwood - Frankie Dunn
    Brían F. O'Byrne - Father Horvak
    [Tag:choice, death]
  • “Stay away from Thao, understand? You tell your friends to stay away from Thao. And if they don't listen, tell them you don't wanna see them anymore. That's it. Got it? I'll take that as a yes 'cause if I have to come back here, it's gonna get fucking ugly!”

    Clint Eastwood - Walt Kowalski
    [Tag:defense, threat]
  • “I confess that I have no desire to confess.”

    Clint Eastwood - Walt Kowalski
  • “- Bronco Billy: Go ahead, let the tears fall in the beer.
    - Antoinette Lilly: I'm not crying!
    - Bronco Billy: There's nothing wrong with crying.
    - Antoinette Lilly: The smoke in here is hurting my eyes!”

    Clint Eastwood - Bronco Billy
    Sondra Locke - Antoinette Lily
  • “- Chief Lester Jannings: You're the famous Harry Callahan. So I'm going to tell you two things. We don't have any trouble in this town and we don't need any from you. Got it?
    - Harry Callahan: Aye-aye, sir.”

    Pat Hingle - Chief Jannings
    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
  • “- Tommy Nowak: Now, if these people are going to stand here, pointing guns like this... I'm gonna ask you, are you an organ doner Alex?
    - Alex: Nobody shoots!”

    Clint Eastwood - Tommy Nowak
    Michael Des Barres - Alex