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  • “- Steve Everett: I'm writing a human-interest sidebar. Do you know what that is?
    - Counter Woman at Pocum's Grocery: No, I don't think I do.
    - Steve Everett: I don't think I do either.”

    Clint Eastwood - Steve Everett
    Linda Hoy - Counter Woman at Pocum's Grocery
  • “- Lt. Donnelly: Harry, these bastards are not a bunch of junkies. In their minds you killed Threlkis, same as if you pulled the trigger. They're not gonna stop, they're gonna keep comin' after you.
    - Harry Callahan: Good, that way we'll know where they are.
    - Lt. Donnelly: You're incredible, Callahan!”

    Michael Currie - Lt. Donnelly
    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
  • “- Captain Donnelly: You know what this is, Callahan? It's a bill for a TV camera and lens. When I told you to stop wrecking our cars, I didn't mean go out and find something else to destroy!
    - Harry Callahan: They were interfering with an official investigation, Sir.
    - Lt. Ackerman: Don't give us that. Is this your idea of cooperation with the...” (continue)
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    Michael Currie - Captain Donnelly
    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
    Michael Goodwin - Lt. Ackerman
  • “- Cholla: You Philo Beddoe?
    - Philo Beddoe: Do I know you?
    - Cholla: You're gonna.”

    John Quade - Cholla
    Clint Eastwood - Philo Beddoe
  • “It's like I always tell you kid, you've got to fight when you think it's the right thing to do. Otherwise, you feel like your gut's full of puss. Even if you get the hell beat out of you, if you fight, you feel ok about it.”
    Clint Eastwood - John Wilson
  • “- Henry Lowenstein: You're a real dyed-in-the-wool son of a bitch. Anybody ever tell you that?
    - Steve Everett: Just close friends and family.”

    Anthony Zerbe - Henry Lowenstein
    Clint Eastwood - Steve Everett
  • “- Sue: Some Hmong people tend to smile or grin, when they're yelled at. It's a cultural thing, it expresses embarrassment or insecurity. It's not that they're laughing at you or anything.
    - Walt Kowalsky: Right, you people are nuts.”

    Ahney Her - Sue
    Clint Eastwood - Walt Kowalsky
    [Tag:culture, smile]
  • “To me you're nothin' but dogshit, you understand? And a lot of things can happen to dogshit. It can be scraped up with a shovel off the ground. It can dry up and blow away in the wind. Or it can be stepped on and squashed. So take my advice and be careful where the dog shits ya!”
    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
    [Tag:scorn, shit]
  • “I may not be the most pleasant person to be around, but I got the best woman who was ever on this planet to marry me.”
    Clint Eastwood - Walt Kowalski
    [Tag:love, marriage, wife]
  • “- Frank Corvin: Well, what do you say, Reverend? You think a prayer's in order?
    - Tank Sullivan: I was just reciting the Shepard's Prayer. Alan Shepard's prayer. Oh Lord, please don't let us screw up. Amen.”

    Clint Eastwood - Frank Corvin
    James Garner - Tank Sullivan
  • “- Father Janovich: Why didn't you call the police?
    - Walt Kowalski: Well you know, I prayed for them to come but nobody answered.”

    Christopher Carley - Father Janovich
    Clint Eastwood - Walt Kowalski
    [Tag:police, prayer]
  • “- Gus: You need some money for some new clothes?
    - Mickey: I just came from yoga.
    - Gus: You into that voodoo, huh?
    - Mickey: Yeah. I'm thinking about getting three sixes tattooed across my forehead.”

    Clint Eastwood - Gus
    Amy Adams - Mickey
  • “- Sergeant Webster: Major Powers and I are building an e-lite company of fighting men.
    - Highway: The only thing you could build, Webster... is a good case of hemorrhoids.”

    Moses Gunn - Sgt. Webster
    Clint Eastwood - Highway
    [Tag:army, insult, soldiers]
  • “Having to wade through the scum of this city, being swept away by bigger and bigger waves of corruption, apathy and red tape. Nah, that doesn't bother me.”
    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
  • “- Orville: Philo... Jordan said he'd give us 200 big ones if we scrap that Merc for him.
    - Philo Beddoe: Great. Clyde? Scrap the Merc.”

    Geoffrey Lewis - Orville
    Clint Eastwood - Philo Beddoe
  • “- Pete Klein: Have you thought about what you'll do when your contract is up?
    - Gus: Sure, sign another one for more money.”

    John Goodman - Pete Klein
    Clint Eastwood - Gus
    [Tag:job, working]
  • “You shoot to kill, you better hit the heart.”
    Clint Eastwood - Joe
    [Tag:heart, killing]
  • “Do you know the emergency phone number for San Francisco General? Well, why don't you call them right now and have them sent down an ambulance? Tell them there's two sorry-looking assholes here with multiple contusions and various abrasions and broken bones.”
    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
  • “- Lieutenant M.R. Ring: [bumps into Highway] Excuse me, sir. I mean, Gunny. Sergeant Major.
    - Choozoo: Sir. This is Gunnery Sergent Thomas Highway. He's been assigned to Recon Platoon.
    - Lieutenant M.R. Ring: Oh, outstanding, welcome aboard. Well, I have to hightail it men. I'm late for pre-scuba school.
    - Lieutenant M.R. Ring: [looks at...” (continue)
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    Boyd Gaines - Lieutenant Ring
    Arlen Dean Snyder - Choozoo
    Clint Eastwood - Highway
  • “I want you to turn around, go outside, comeback and don't talk about having no job, no car, no girlfriend, no future, no dick.”

    Clint Eastwood - Walt Kowalski
  • “- Mitch Leary: The irony is so thick you could choke on it.
    - Frank Horrigan: There's no fucking irony, Mitch.
    - Mitch Leary: Think, Frank. The same government that trained me to kill trained you to protect. Yet now you want to kill me while up on that roof I protected you. They're gonna write books about us, Frank.”

    John Malkovich - Mitch Leary
    Clint Eastwood - Frank Horrigan
  • “- Hawk Hawkins: Would you prefer this man, with his asymmetrical sagging ass-cheeks, his love-handles the size of Nebraska, and his oh-so-ugly in-grown toenail...?
    - Frank Corvin: Or this son of a bitch with the chicken-gizzard neck and the face that looks like thirty miles of Death Valley fire trail?”

    Tommy Lee Jones - Hawk Hawkins
    Clint Eastwood - Frank Corvin
  • “I've got a special message for you little pardners out there. I want you to finish your oatmeal at breakfast and do as your mom and pa tell you because they know best. Don't ever tell a lie and say your prayers at night before you go to bed. And as our friends south of the border say, 'Adios, amigos.”
    Clint Eastwood - Bronco Billy
    [Tag:advice, farewell]
  • “- Captain Briggs: Is it your job to harass and incite an old man into a heart attack?
    - Harry Callahan: My job is to investigate homicide. That old man happens to be one of the biggest crime lords on the west coast. How the hell was I supposed to know he was gonna vapor-lock?”

    Bradford Dillman - Captain Briggs
    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
    [Tag:behavior, crime, job]
  • “- Captain Briggs: In more than 30 years of police work, this is the single, most outrageous transgression of authority I ever heard about. What the hell did you think you were doing?
    - Harry Callahan: My job.”

    Bradford Dillman - Captain Briggs
    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan