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  • “- Julie Gianni: [desperately] You fucked me four times the other night, David! You've been inside me!
    - David Aames: [not taking her seriously yet] Julie...
    - Julie Gianni: I swallowed your cum! That means something!”

    Cameron Diaz - Julie Gianni
    Tom Cruise - David Aames
  • “- Rita: Now listen carefully. This is a very important rule. This is the only rule. You get injured on the field, you better make sure you die.
    - Cage: Why?
    - Rita: Last time I was in combat, I was hit. I was bleeding out, just not fast enough. I woke up in a field hospital with three pints of someone else's blood and I was out. I lost the power...” (continue)
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    Emily Blunt - Rita
    Tom Cruise - Cage
    [Tag:death, wound]
  • “- Brian: You're offering me a job?
    - Doug: Uh huh.
    - Brian: The waitresses hate me!
    - Doug: You wait till you've given them crabs. Then you'll really know hatred.”

    Tom Cruise - Brian Flanagan
    Bryan Brown - Doug Coughlin
    [Tag:hatred, job, women]
  • “- Rachel Ferrier: I'm allergic to peanut butter.
    - Ray Ferrier: Since when?
    - Rachel Ferrier: Birth.”

    Dakota Fanning - Rachel Ferrier
    Tom Cruise - Ray Ferrier
    [Tag:disease, food]
  • “- Lana: I'll be needing 300 bucks, Joel.
    - Joel Goodson: You're kidding.
    - Lana: No, I don't believe that I am.
    - Joel Goodson: Well, uh, it's just that I don't have that much here in the house.
    - Lana: How much do you have?
    - Joel Goodson: I have 50 dollars.
    - Lana: 50 dollars? What are we going to do about this, Joel?”

    Rebecca De Mornay - Lana
    Tom Cruise - Joel
  • “- Cole Trickle: There's nothing I can't do with a race car.
    - Harry Hogge: Well, that's the difference between you and me. There's only so much I can do.”

    Tom Cruise - Cole Trickle
    Robert Duvall - Harry Hogge
  • “- Charlie Babbitt: That's amazing! He is amazing! He should work for NASA or something like that.
    - Doctor: [walking to Raymond Babbitt] If you had a dollar... and you spent 50 cents, how much money would you have left?
    - Raymond Babbitt: About 70...
    - Doctor: 70 cents?
    - Raymond Babbitt: 70 cents.”

    Tom Cruise - Charlie Babbitt
    Barry Levinson - Doctor
    Dustin Hoffman - Raymond Babbitt
  • “- Senator Jasper Irving: Through precise military action, we will take the essential first step.
    - Janine Roth: First step? But what have we been doing for the past six years, Senator? World War II took less than five.”

    Tom Cruise - Senator Jasper Irving
    Meryl Streep - Janine Roth
    [Tag:war, years]
  • “- Rod Tidwell: I feel for you, man. But a real man wouldn't shoplift the pootie from a single mom.
    - Jerry Maguire: I didn't shoplift the pootie.
    [Rod Tidwell gives him a long Look]
    - Jerry Maguire: All right. I shoplifted the pootie.”

    Cuba Gooding Jr. - Rod Tidwell
    Tom Cruise - Jerry Maguire
    [Tag:manhood, theft]
  • “It's my leg! I want my leg, you understand? Can't you understand that? All's I'm saying is that I want to be treated like a human being! I fought for my country! I am a Vietnam veteran! I fought for my country! And I think that I deserve to be treated... decent!”

    Tom Cruise - Ron Kovic
    [Tag:body, soldiers, war]
  • “- Cage: I'm not a soldier.
    - Rita: Of course not. You're a weapon.”

    Tom Cruise - Cage
    Emily Blunt - Rita
  • “You'll rot in hell with a halo, but people will still believe in precrime. All you have to do is kill me like they said you would. Except you know your own future, which means you can change it if you want to. You still have a choice Lamar. Like I did.”
    Tom Cruise - Chief John Anderton
  • “Merciful death. How you love your precious guilt.”

    Tom Cruise - Lestat
    [Tag:guilt, mercy]
  • “There are three things cops never do. They don't vote democrat, they don't drive Cadillacs, and they never use personal vehicles.”
    Tom Cruise - Jack Reacher
  • - Roy Miller: I did warn you not to get on the plane.
    - June Havens: When? How?
    - Roy Miller: When I said, "Sometimes things happen for a reason".
    - June Havens: That's not a warning, Roy! That's like a saying on a bumper sticker. Next time, try, "June, if you get on that plane, you will freaking die!".

    Tom Cruise - Roy Miller
    Cameron Diaz - June Havens
  • “- Shannon Christie: No! Joseph, please come back. Joseph, no! Don't leave me alone. Please. I loved you. I loved you from the first time I saw you.
    - Joseph Donnelly: I've often wondered about that.”

    Nicole Kidman - Shannon Christie
    Tom Cruise - Joseph Donnelly
    [Tag:love, uncertainty]
  • “- Jack Reacher: You're old enough to drive?
    - Sandy: I'm old enough to do a lot of things.”

    Tom Cruise - Jack Reacher
    Alexia Fast - Sandy
    [Tag:age, doing, old age]
  • “I have to know. I have to find out what happened to my life.”
    Tom Cruise - Chief John Anderton
    [Tag:life, meaning]
  • - Jerry Maguire: I'll go back to them.
    - Marcee Tidwell: And say what? "Please remove your dick from my ass"?

    Tom Cruise - Jerry Maguire
    Regina King - Marcee Tidwell
  • “I think a lot about things I haven't done. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef; ride the Orient Express; live on the Amalfi Coast with nothing but a motorcycle and a backpack; kiss a stranger on the balcony of the Hotel Du Cap.”
    Tom Cruise - Roy Miller
  • “- Jack Reacher: Look out the window.
    - Helen: No, I've work to do.
    - Jack Reacher: Would you tell me what you see?
    - Helen: I see the same... things I see every day.”

    Tom Cruise - Jack Reacher
    Rosamund Pike - Helen
    [Tag:normality, seeing]
  • “- Jack Reacher: Pay your check first.
    - Jeb: I'll pay later.
    - Jack Reacher: You won't be able to.”

    Tom Cruise - Jack Reacher
    Josh Helman - Jeb
    [Tag:death, payment, threat]
  • “- Raymond Babbitt: Maple syrup is supposed to be on the table before the pancakes.
    - Charlie Babbitt: We haven't ordered yet, Ray.
    - Raymond Babbitt: Of course when they bring the maple syrup after the pancakes, it'll definitely be too late.”

    Dustin Hoffman - Raymond Babbitt
    Tom Cruise - Charlie Babbitt
  • “- Constance Sack: You know, some people have said that you've become quite difficult to work with. That you're constantly late, you're reclusive, sometimes even nonsensical.
    - Stacee Jaxx: I wanna ask you this: Have these people, even met themselves?”

    Malin Akerman - Constance Sack
    Tom Cruise - Stacee Jaxx
  • “- Col. Nathan R. Jessup: Ever put your life in another man's hands, ask him to put his life in yours?
    - Lt. Daniel Kaffee: No, sir.
    - Col. Nathan R. Jessup: We follow orders, son. We follow orders or people die. It's that simple.”

    Jack Nicholson - Col. Nathan R. Jessup
    Tom Cruise - Lt. Daniel Kaffee
    [Tag:army, life, order]