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  • “Fuck that, 'cause I'm from New York City, goddammit. Nobody take no cornbread from me. That goes for anyone of you motherfucking farmers who wanna start some shit. You fuck around with me, there's gonna be consequences and repercussions.”
    Eddie Murphy - Rayford Gibson
    [Tag:new york, threat]
  • “- Ex-Wife #2: Antoine? He told me his name was Luther!
    - Rasputia: Who is that ho?
    - Ex-Wife #3: Luther? He told me he was gay!
    - Deion Hughes: No, no, no. Y'all got me confused with my gay twin brother, Antoine Luther.”

    Sara Sanderson - Ex-Wife
    Eddie Murphy - Rasputia
    Smith Cho - Ex-Wife
    Cuba Gooding Jr. - Deion Hughes
  • “- Dr. John Dolittle: You're suffering from obsessive-compulsive behavior.
    - Compulsive Dog: Throw the ball!
    - Dr. John Dolittle: When you want the ball, think about something else...
    - Compulsive Dog: Don't say anything more! Throw the ball!”

    Eddie Murphy - Dr. John Dolittle
    Gilbert Gottfried - Compulsive Dog
    [Tag:behavior, helping]
  • “- Jason: You're losing your intelligence, sir.
    - Sherman Klump: Yeah, I know. I can't even beat Molly and she's the dumbest hampster we got!”

    John Ales - Jason
    Eddie Murphy - Sherman Klump
  • “Does anyone have a mother that would hit you with a shoe? I had a mother that would throw a shoe at you at the drop of a dime. And fuck you up wherever she was aiming. So by the time I was like ten, my mother was like Clint Eastwood with a shoe.”
    Eddie Murphy - Eddie Murphy
    [Tag:ability, mother]
  • “- Dr. John Dolittle: I didn't say you were crazy, you're special, and crazy, a lot of great people in history were crazy.
    - Maya Dolittle: Like who?
    - Dr. John Dolittle: Some of the greatest people in history.”

    Eddie Murphy - Dr. John Dolittle
    Kyla Pratt - Maya Dolittle
  • “You better have a spatula where we're going because my ass is frozen to this yak!”
    Eddie Murphy - Chandler Jarrell
    [Tag:cold, winter]
  • From the animation: Shrek
    “We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning, I'm making waffles!”

    Eddie Murphy - Donkey
    [Tag:attitude, men]
  • “- Mr. Wong: Whale ho!
    - Rasputia: Did somebody just call me a whale?
    - Mr. Wong: Yeah! And a ho!”

    Eddie Murphy - Mr. Wong
    Eddie Murphy - Rasputia
  • “- Goldmouth: Maybe I oughta eat your cornbread.
    - Rayford Gibson: Motherfucker, you can't have my cornbread. That's for damn sure. You try and take my cornbread, Killing Spree, Part 2 gon' begin up in here on your ass. You thinking about my cornbread, better get the taste out your mouth. That's for damn sure.”

    Michael Taliferro - Goldmouth
    Eddie Murphy - Rayford Gibson
    [Tag:food, hunger]
  • “Let me tell you something, Jack. If shit was worth something, poor people would be born with no asshole.”
    Eddie Murphy - Reggie Hammond
  • “We're not going to show you Jeff Johnson waving a flag. We're not going to show you Jeff Johnson kissing babies. We're not going to show you Jeff Johnson doing anything because you already know what Jeff Johnson can do. Tomorrow, vote Jeff Johnson. The name you know.”
    Eddie Murphy - Thomas Jefferson Johnson
    [Tag:choice, elections]
  • “- Semmi: Let me get this straight. You can have a woman that will obey you're every command, but you want a woman who has an opinion!
    - Prince Akeem: Only dogs are to obey.”

    Arsenio Hall - Semmi
    Eddie Murphy - Prince Akeem
    [Tag:obedience, women]
  • I have nightmares about gay people. I have this nightmare that I go to Hollywood, and find out Mr. T is a faggot. Really. And he'd be walking up to people going: "Hey boy, hey boy! Ya look mighty cute in them jeans. Now come on over here... and fuck me up the ass! C'mon. I'm gonna bend over now. Grrr! Aaahh! ".
    Eddie Murphy - Eddie Murphy
  • “- Donkey: I don't feel any different. Do I look any different?
    - Puss in Boots: You still look like an ass to me.”

    Eddie Murphy - Donkey
    Antonio Banderas - Puss In Boots
    [Tag:magic, results]
  • “- Josh Kovacs: To get in the building, we have to avoid seven exterior cameras and six doormen who work at two entrance points in rotating shifts. Once inside, we'll be faced with four security officers who monitor a bank of twelve internal cameras, as well as two security guards who vary the patrol route each day. If we make it through all that...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Ben Stiller - Josh Kovacs
    Eddie Murphy - Slide
    [Tag:planning, sex]
  • “- Dr. John Dolittle: How come I can hear you talking?
    - Lucky: I dunno. Maybe you're just weird or something.”

    Eddie Murphy - Dr. John Dolittle
    Norm MacDonald - Lucky
  • “- Donkey: Don't you worry, I will always be here to make sure no one bothers you.
    - Shrek: You're bothering me.”

    Eddie Murphy - Donkey
    Mike Myers - Shrek
  • “- Norbit: Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday...
    - Rasputia: Say Tuesday again you ain't gonna see Wednesday.”

    Eddie Murphy - Norbit
    Eddie Murphy - Rasputia
  • “- Reggie Hammond: You got a lady, Cates?
    - Jack Cates: Yeah.
    - Reggie Hammond: You know, the generosity of women never ceases to amaze me.”

    Eddie Murphy - Reggie Hammond
    Nick Nolte - Jack Cates
    [Tag:generosity, women]
  • “Interesting. I've been stabbed, and I've been hanged, and I've been burned. Even broken on the rack once, but I've never been shot before. Kind of itches a little!”

    Eddie Murphy - Maximillian
    [Tag:pain, weapons]
  • “In some cultures, donkeys are revered as the smartest of animals.”
    Eddie Murphy - Donkey
    [Tag:animals, culture]
  • From the animation: Shrek
    “- Shrek: Onions have layers. You get it? We both have layers.
    - Donkey: You both have layers. You know, not everybody like onions. Cake! Everybody loves cake! Cakes have layers!
    - Shrek: I don't care what everyone likes! Ogres are not like cakes.”

    Mike Myers - Shrek
    Eddie Murphy - Donkey
  • “- Charlie Hinton: Maybe we should just ask another question here.
    - Jamie: Where do babies come from?
    - Charlie Hinton: Y'know, why don't we go back to the dolphins, or something other than that?”

    Eddie Murphy - Charlie Hinton
    Elle Fanning - Jamie
  • “Seventy-five years. That's how much time you get if you're lucky. Seventy-five years. Seventy-five Winters. Seventy-five Springtimes. Seventy-five Summers. And Seventy-five Autumns. When you look at it like that, it's not a lot of time, is it? Don't waste them. Get your head out of the rat race and forget about the superficial things that...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Eddie Murphy - G'