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  • “- Nelson Fox: Perfect. Keep those West-Side liberal nuts, psudo-intellectuals...
    - Joe Fox: Readers, Dad. They're called readers.
    - Nelson Fox: Don't do that, son. Don't romanticize them.”

    Dabney Coleman - Nelson Fox
    Tom Hanks - Joe Fox
    [Tag:name, reading]
  • “There was every orb conceivable on that tomb except one. The orb which fell from the heavens and inspired Newton's life's work. Work that incurred the wrath of the Church... until his dying day. A-p-p-l-e. Apple.”
    Tom Hanks - Robert Langdon
    [Tag:apple, grave]
  • “- Forrest Gump: You could come home with me, to my house in Greenbow, Jenny. You and little Forrest. I'll take care of you if you're sick.
    - Jenny Curran: Will you marry me, Forrest?
    - Forrest Gump: Okay.”

    Tom Hanks - Forrest Gump
    Robin Wright - Jenny Curran
    [Tag:disease, marriage]
  • “History is all in the mind of the teller. Truth is all in the telling.”
    Tom Hanks - Older Mike
  • “This is the food prisonriots are made out of.”

    Tom Hanks - Rick Gassko
    [Tag:disgust, food]
  • “- Rick Gassko: Diagnoses?
    - Dr. Stan Gassko: Medically speaking?
    - Rick Gassko: Yes.
    - Dr. Stan Gassko: Whacked out of his brains on drugs.”

    Tom Hanks - Rick Gassko
    William Tepper - Dr. Stan Gassko
    [Tag:doctors, drugs]
  • “- Luggage Salesman: Have you thought much about luggage, Mr. Banks?
    - Joe: No.
    - Luggage Salesman: It's the central preoccupation of my life.”

    Barry McGovern - Luggage Salesman
    Tom Hanks - Joe
    [Tag:job, traveling, worry]
  • “What is it? What? What? If you're hungry, finish the hamburgers! Eat the buns! Eat the buns! You're not thirsty, you're not touching the water, the orange juice, cranapple - what am I supposed to do? Make you a Margarita?”

    Tom Hanks - Scott Turner
    [Tag:dogs, drinking, eating]
  • “- Mr. Waturi: There's a woman here!
    - Joe: Don't you think I know that, Frank? Don't you think I am aware there is a woman here? I can smell her, like, like a flower. I can taste her, like sugar on my tongue. When I'm 20 feet away I can hear the fabric of her dress when she moves in her chair!”

    Dan Hedaya - Mr. Waturi
    Tom Hanks - Joe
  • “Adorable. Damn it, why can't you look terrible? I've been out walking the streets trying to convince myself I wasn't in love with you and I come back here and you're barefoot and you're adorable.”

    Tom Hanks - David
    [Tag:beauty, love]
  • “You died on a Saturday morning. And I had you placed here under our tree. And I had that house of your father's bulldozed to the ground. Momma always said dyin' was a part of life. I sure wish it wasn't.”
    Tom Hanks - Forrest Gump
    [Tag:death, life, wishes]
  • “- CAPCOM 2: 13, we just got another request from the Flight Surgeon for you to get some sleep. Don't like these readings down here.
    - Jim Lovell: Let's see how he likes this. I am sick and tired of the entire western world knowing how my kidneys are functioning!”

    Ned Vaughn - CAPCOM 2
    Tom Hanks - Jim Lovell
  • “- Joe: What's the matter?
    - Angelica: Did you ever think about killing yourself?
    - Joe: What... Why would you do that?
    - Angelica: Why shouldn't I?
    - Joe: Because some things take care of themselves. They're not your job; maybe they're not even your business.”

    Tom Hanks - Joe
    Meg Ryan - Angelica
    [Tag:fate, suicide]
  • “- Jenny Curran: Have you ever been with a girl, Forrest?
    - Forrest Gump: I sit next to them in my Home Economics class all the time.”

    Robin Wright - Jenny Curran
    Tom Hanks - Forrest Gump
  • Mom, why don't you put on your shoes and come out of the cage? How many guys have said that to their mothers?”
    Tom Hanks - David Basner
    [Tag:caring, mother]
  • “- Maddy: Are you ok? You seem tense.
    - Richard: Oh, no, no, no, I'm not, I'm not tense. Well, I did pass out today... and got hit in the head by a baseball... and brushed my teeth with shampoo... then butchered Rimsky-Korsakov in front of 1,500 people, and my clothes fell apart. But I'm not tense.”

    Lori Singer - Maddy
    Tom Hanks - Richard
  • We called him "The king", because... that's what he liked to be called.

    Tom Hanks - Older Mike
    [Tag:king, nickname]
  • “- Lawrence Bourne III: I need to have a talk with you; sort of a little father-son chat.
    - Lawrence Bourne Jr: Have we ever done this before?
    - Lawrence Bourne III: No, we're breaking new wind. Dad, I need $28,000; it's the matter of a little gambling debt. I can assure you it will never happen again.”

    Tom Hanks - Lawrence Bourne III
    George Plimpton - Lawrence Bourne Jr.
    [Tag:debt, father, money]
  • - Donna Mildred Martin: The only advice my Mom ever gave me was, "Don't live in the same city as your parents".
    - David Basner: What crappy advice. I can't get my parents to move.

    Bess Armstrong - Donna Mildred Martin
    Tom Hanks - David Basner
  • “One day it started raining, and it didn't quit for four months. We been through every kind of rain there is. Little bitty stingin' rain... and big ol' fat rain. Rain that flew in sideways. And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath. Shoot, it even rained at night...”
    Tom Hanks - Tom Hanks
  • “- Walter Fielding: It doesn't make any sense, why would somebody be selling a million dollar house for a hundred thousand?
    - Jack Schnittman: Who knows? A divorce, loan sharks, a scandal. The point is you get to capitalize on another human being's misfortune. That's the basis of real estate.”

    Tom Hanks - Walter Fielding
    Josh Mostel - Jack Schnittman
  • “- Michael Sullivan: I'd like to work for you.
    - Frank Nitti: Well... that's very interesting.
    - Michael Sullivan: And in return, I'd like you to turn a blind eye to... what I have to do.
    - Frank Nitti: And what is that?
    - Michael Sullivan: Kill the man who murdered my family.”

    Tom Hanks - Michael Sullivan
    Stanley Tucci - Frank Nitti
  • “- Alexander Rance: What do you think you're going to accomplish by interfering with our business, Mr. Sullivan?
    - Michael Sullivan: This has nothing to do with your business.
    - Alexander Rance: It's all business. That's what you fail to grasp. And in business, you must have something to trade. And you, Mr. Sullivan, have nothing to trade.”

    Dylan Baker - Alexander Rance
    Tom Hanks - Michael Sullivan
  • “- Lieutenant Daniel Taylor: I'm here to try out my sea legs.
    - Forrest Gump: But you ain't got no legs, Lieutenant Dan.
    - Lieutenant Daniel Taylor: Yes... yes, I know that. You wrote me a letter, you idiot!”

    Gary Sinise - Lieutenant Dan Taylor
    Tom Hanks - Forrest Gump
  • “- Captain Miller: Do you know how many men I've lost under my command?
    - Sergeant Horvath: How many?
    - Captain Miller: Ninety-four. But that means I've saved the lives of ten times that many, doesn't it? Maybe even 20, right? Twenty times as many? And that's how simple it is. That's how you... that's how you rationalize making the choice between...” (continue)
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    Tom Hanks - Captain Miller
    Tom Sizemore - Sergeant Horvath
    [Tag:safety, soldiers, war]