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  • “- Maddy: Richard, tell me. Are you an agent?
    - Richard: No! But I used to have an agent.
    - Maddy: No! No. Do you work for the government? Are you a spy?
    - Richard: No, of course not. I'm no more a spy than you're spy.
    - Maddy: Richard... I am a spy.
    - Richard: You're a spy?”

    Lori Singer - Maddy
    Tom Hanks - Richard
  • “- Charlie Wilson: You mean to tell me that the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan is to have the Afghans keep walking into machine gun fire 'til the Russians run out of bullets?
    - Gust Avrakotos: That's Harold Holt's strategy, it's not U.S. strategy.
    - Charlie Wilson: What is U.S. strategy?
    - Gust Avrakotos: Well, strictly speaking, we don't have one....” (continue)
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    Tom Hanks - Charlie Wilson
    Philip Seymour Hoffman - Gust Avrakotos
    [Tag:america, strategy, war]
  • Our mission was called "a successful failure", in that we returned safely but never made it to the moon. In the following months, it was determined that a damaged coil built inside the oxygen tank sparked during our cryo stir and caused the explosion that crippled the Odyssey. It was a minor defect that occured two years before I was even named... (continue)(continue reading)
    Tom Hanks - Jim Lovell
    [Tag:failure, moon, space]
  • “- Allen Bauer: You know by the time I got there, she was already gone.
    - Freddie Bauer: Victoria left, huh?
    - Allen Bauer: Yeah. You know why she left Freddie? Because I didn't love her.
    - Freddie Bauer: That bitch.”

    Tom Hanks - Allen Bauer
    John Candy - Freddie Bauer
    [Tag:break-up, love]
  • “- Marshall: What kinda clothes do you got now?
    - Joe Banks: Well, I got the kinda clothes I'm wearing.
    - Marshall: So you got no clothes.”

    Ossie Davis - Marshall
    Tom Hanks - Joe
  • “- Chemical Engineer: Basically, it burns the eyes, lungs and throat, causes vomiting and if continuously inhaled, death.
    - Streebek: Oh, sort of like your aftershave.”

    Tom Hanks - Streebek
    [Tag:beard, men, perfume]
  • “- Paula: Remember Chicago? Fate? Kismet?
    - Richard: No, I don't remember, Paula. You got me drunk.”

    Carrie Fisher - Paula
    Tom Hanks - Richard
  • “Women, then, are a huge threat to the Church.”
    Tom Hanks - Robert Langdon
    [Tag:church, women]
  • “- Jonah Baldwin: Will she scratch up your back?
    - Sam Baldwin: [shocked] What?
    - Jonah Baldwin: In the movies, women are always scratching up the men's back and screaming and stuff when they're having sex.”

    Ross Malinger - Jonah Baldwin
    Tom Hanks - Sam Baldwin
    [Tag:movie, sex, women]
  • “- Talia: Hey - we all got free tattoos. I wanted something in Japanese so check this out. That one says courage, that one says spirit. Courageous spirit.
    - Larry Crowne: That's Chinese, and it says soy sauce.”

    Gugu Mbatha-Raw - Talia
    Tom Hanks - Larry Crowne
    [Tag:language, tattoos]
  • “- Buzz: I've set my laser from stun to kill.
    - Woody: Oh, great. If anyone attacks we can blink em' to death.”

    Tim Allen - Buzz Lightyear
    Tom Hanks - Woody
    [Tag:killing, toys, weapons]
  • “A man cannot break a promise he's made to his kids, no matter how long it takes for him to make it come true.”
    Tom Hanks - Walt Disney
    [Tag:men, promises]
  • We have been boarded by four armed pirates. You know the drill. We stay hidden no matter what. I don't want any hostages. We stay locked down until help arrives. No one comes out until you hear the non-duress password from me which is "suppertime".
    Tom Hanks - Captain Richard Phillips
  • “Well... if I had a dollar for every time they've killed me in this thing, I wouldn't have to work for you, Deke... Well, we have two days, we'll be ready. Let's do it again.”

    Tom Hanks - Jim Lovell
    [Tag:failure, money]
  • “- Anna Crowley: You are so much less attractive when I'm sober.
    - Walter Fielding: Thank goodness it's not that often.”

    Shelley Lee Long - Anna Crowley
    Tom Hanks - Walter Fielding
  • “- Walt Disney: I think life disappoints you, Ms. Travers. I think it's done that a lot. And maybe Mary Poppins is the only person in your life who hasn't.
    - P.L. Travers: Mary Poppins isn't real.
    - Walt Disney: That's not true. She was as real as can be to my daughters, and to thousands of other children - adults too. She's been a nighttime...” (continue)
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    Tom Hanks - Walt Disney
    Emma Thompson - P.L. Travers
  • “- Allen Bauer: I didn't even like you when I first met you.
    - Walter Kornbluth: Nobody likes me when they first meet me.”

    Tom Hanks - Allen Bauer
    Eugene Levy - Walter Kornbluth
  • “I'll tell you what I'm doing this weekend, I'm getting laid. It's the 1990's and nobody's getting laid. I'm the only man in America who's getting laid this weekend and I haven't been laid that much. Six girls in college, maybe seven.”
    Tom Hanks - Sam Baldwin
    [Tag:sex, weekend]
  • “Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can't see.”
    Tom Hanks - Conductor
    [Tag:belief, seeing]
  • “- Sam Baldwin: I'd much rather just see somebody I like, and get a feeling about them, and ask them if they want to have a drink.
    - Jonah Baldwin: Or a slice of pizza.
    - Sam Baldwin: Not dinner. Not necessarily on the first date because halfway through dinner you could be really sorry you asked them to eat dinner. Whereas if it's just a drink,...” (continue)
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    Tom Hanks - Sam Baldwin
    Ross Malinger - Jonah Baldwin
    [Tag:date, dinner, wooing]
  • “George Banks and all he stands for will be saved. Maybe not in life, but in imagination. Because that's what we storytellers do. We restore order with imagination. We instill hope again and again and again.”
    Tom Hanks - Walt Disney
  • “You know you've reached rock bottom when you're told you have character flaws by a man who hanged his predecessor in a military coup.”
    Tom Hanks - Charlie Wilson
  • “Stupid is as stupid does.”
    Tom Hanks - Forrest Gump
  • “My name's Donovan. Irish, both sides. Mother and father. I'm Irish and you're German. But what makes us both Americans? Just one thing. One. Only one. The rule book. We call it the Constitution, and we agree to the rules, and that's what makes us Americans.”
    Tom Hanks - James B. Donovan
  • “- Josh: I'm much better at video hockey.
    - Paul: That's not a sport.
    - Josh: It requires hand and eye coordination.
    - Paul: It's not a sport if you don't sweat.”

    Tom Hanks - Josh
    John Heard - Paul