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  • “I checked into the murders. And I checked into the twenty year old boy who killed his parents, and his four brothers and sisters. And when he was at trial, he testified that he heard voices in the house. He heard voices in the house and the voices told him to do it! Now, I was in the house and I heard the voices, too! And I also felt their...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Rod Steiger - Father Delaney
    [Tag:ghosts, murder, voice]
  • “My only child was murdered. She was twelve. Did you hear about it? What you probably didn't hear, and what I hope you never have to deal with, Miss Gennaro, is what that feels like. What I have to deal with. Knowing that my little girl likely died crying out for me to come and save her. And I never did.”
    Morgan Freeman - Jack Doyle
    [Tag:crying, daughter, murder]
  • “- Detective Keith Frazier: What do you think he's going to do?
    - Madeleiene White: Well, he's not gonna kill anyone.
    - Detective Keith Frazier: How do you know?
    - Madeleiene White: Because he's not a murderer.
    - Detective Keith Frazier: How do you know? I got news for you. Most of the guys up in Sing Sing weren't murderers until they killed...” (continue)
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    Denzel Washington - Detective Keith Frazier
    Jodie Foster - Madeleine White
    [Tag:killing, murder, prison]
  • “- Charlie Arglist: I think Roy Gelles must have found out [about the robbery], and I think he might have killed Vic.
    - Renata Crest: That's terrible!
    - Charlie Arglist: So I was thinking it might be best if I left town, and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me.”

    John Cusack - Charlie Arglist
    Connie Nielsen - Renata Crest
    [Tag:discovery, escape, murder]
  • “That's the problem with old men. You can kick 'em down the stairs, and say it's an accident, but you can't just shoot 'em.”
    Kurt Russell - John Ruth
    [Tag:accident, murder, old age]
  • “- Michael Sullivan: He murdered Annie and Peter!
    - John Rooney: There are only murderers in this room! Michael! Open your eyes! This is the life we chose, the life we lead. And there is only one guarantee: none of us will see heaven.
    - Michael Sullivan: Michael could.
    - John Rooney: Then do everything that you can to see that happens.”

    Tom Hanks - Michael Sullivan
    Paul Newman - John Rooney
    [Tag:choice, life, murder]
  • “My predecessor in this job left a man named Charles Grady as the Winter caretaker. And he came up here with his wife and two little girls, I think were eight and ten. And he had a good employment record, good references, and from what I've been told he seemed like a completely normal individual. But at some point during the winter, he must have...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Barry Nelson - Ullman
    [Tag:madness, murder]
  • “The ashes were trampled into the Earth, and the blood became as snow. Who knows what they came for... weapons of steel, or murder? It was never known, for their leader rode to the south, while the children went north with the Vanir. No one would ever know that my lord's people had lived at all. His was a tale of sorrow.”
    Mako - The Wizard
    [Tag:blood, murder, sorrow]
  • “- Kreon: Are you ready to kill?
    - Korda: Yes, father!
    - Kreon: Any man with a weapon, can commit murder, but it's such a waste. A sorceror's son, must learn to use the power of death, to control the force of life. This, is the source of our power.”

    Felix Ward - Kreon
    A.J. Lowenthal - Korda
    [Tag:magic, murder, power]
  • “- Dr. Brandon: Dr. Beckerman was murdered in Europe - you know that.
    - Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr: Exactly. Not only is he dead, he's six thousand miles away.”

    Peter Hobbs - Dr. Brandon
    Steve Martin - Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr
    [Tag:distance, murder]
  • “- Kemper: We gotta call the cops.
    - Morgan: Police officers, please, as you inspect a crime scene, which is now our van, please, ignore the colorful pinata, filled with marijuana, in case you happen to come across it, because it played no part, you know, whatsoever in the demise of this unfortunate, young woman.”

    Eric Balfour - Kemper
    Jonathan Tucker - Morgan
    [Tag:drugs, law enforcement, murder]
  • “Remember, guys, you're using real live ammunition! A bullet hasn't got any brains! It'll hit whatever you're aiming at, so don't start murdering each other!”

    Joe Sawyer - Sergeant Early
    [Tag:advice, murder, weapons]
  • “- Beverly R. Sutphin: I hate Mrs. Ackerman.
    - Gus: I hate her too.
    - Sloppy: I hate her guts. You know, somebody ought to kill her.
    - Gus: Yeah, give her a happy face, and then recycle her.
    - Beverly R. Sutphin: For the sake of this planet, someone just might.”

    Kathleen Turner - Beverly R. Sutphin
    Bus Howard - Gus
    Alan J. Wendl - Sloppy
    [Tag:hatred, murder]
  • “- Jackson Two-Bears: He's a murderer, a hired killer. His nose was bit off in a fight.
    - Frankie Ballou: If I was gonna be scared, I'd be scared of the fella who bit it off, not him!”

    Tom Nardini - Jackson Two-Bears
    John Marley - Frankie Ballou
    [Tag:cruelty, murder]
  • “Who murdered Jimmie Lee Jackson? Every white lawman who abuses the law to terrorize. Every white politician who feeds on prejudice and hatred. Every white preacher who preaches the Bible and stays silent before his white congregation.”
    David Oyelowo - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    [Tag:ethnicity, murder, racism]
  • “- Cliff: This Costume Killer does horrible, horrible things. Injects his victims with window cleaner, puts weird costumes on 'em, puts plastic bags over their heads, and asphyxiates them.
    - Max: No you're right, there's nothing polite about him.”

    Ronald Francis Perlman - Cliff
    Arye Gross - Max
    [Tag:murder, politeness, torture]
  • “I am a member of the Nazi Party. I'm a munitions manufacturer. I'm a profiteer of slave labor. I am... a criminal. At midnight, you'll be free and I'll be hunted. I shall remain with you until five minutes after midnight, after which time - and I hope you'll forgive me - I have to flee.”
    Liam Neeson - Oskar Schindler
    [Tag:freedom, murder, nazism]
  • “I predict a hatchet murder before the night's over.”
    Eve Arden - Eve
    [Tag:murder, prophecy]
  • “We had an affair and saw each other intermittently until she died in 1962… she didn’t seem depressed to me. I’m sure she didn’t commit suicide. I have always believed that she was murdered.”
    Marlon Brando On Marilyn Monroe
    [Tag:actors, murder, suicide]
  • “- Dr. Hannibal Lecter: What a naughty boy he is! Do you know why he's called 'Buffalo Bill'? Please tell me, the newspapers won't say.
    - Clarice Starling: Well, it started as a bad joke in Kansas City homicide. They said, 'this one likes to skin his humps'.”

    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Dr. Hannibal Lecter
    Jodie Foster - Clarice Starling
    [Tag:murder, nickname]
  • “- Mortimer Brewster: You mean you knew what you'd done and you didn't want the Reverend Harper to see the body?
    - Abby Brewster: Not at tea. That wouldn't have been very nice.”

    Cary Grant - Mortimer Brewster
    Josephine Hull - Abby Brewster
    [Tag:awareness, murder, unkindness]
  • “- Mary: Jesus! How'd that get in there?
    - Norman Bates: After I killed that kid in the cellar, I used that towel to clean up the mess, and then I flushed it down there.
    - Mary: Norman, you coudn't have killed that kid. You were locked in the attic.”

    Meg Tilly - Mary Loomis
    Anthony Perkins - Norman Bates
    [Tag:blood, murder]
  • “- Daisy Domergue: Jesus Christ!
    - Major Marquis Warren: Oh, you believe in Jesus now, huh, bitch? Good, 'cause you 'bout to meet him!”

    Jennifer Jason Leigh - Daisy Domergue
    Samuel L. Jackson - Major Marquis Warren
    [Tag:faith, murder, threat]
  • “I have one simple belief. That the law is the only thing that's capable of making people equal. Now you may think that Mark Blackwell is white trash, and he may very well have been. But in the eyes of the state, his life matters. I'm going to impale your client on a first degree murder charge. And you get a front row seat.”

    Billy Bob Thornton - Dwight Dickham
    [Tag:equality, law, murder]
  • - Vince Larkin: [while in the surveillance truck] That's William Bedford, aka "Billy Bedlam".
    - Smoke: The mass murderer?
    - Vince Larkin: The same. He caught his wife in bed with another man. Left her alone, drove four towns over to his wife's family's house. Killed her parents, her brothers, her sisters, even her dog.

    John Cusack - Vince Larkin
    Don Charles McGovern - Smoke
    [Tag:family, murder, wife]