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  • “- Jake La Motta: I heard some things.
    - Joey LaMotta: You heard about me and Salvy.
    - Jake La Motta: I heard things, Joey.
    - Joey LaMotta: Yeah you heard that I cracked Salvy all around. What did you hear?
    - Jake La Motta: I heard things, Joey. I heard things.
    - Joey LaMotta: What things you heard?
    - Jake La Motta: I heard some things.”

    Robert De Niro - Jake La Motta
    Joe Pesci - Joey
    [Tag:cheating, gossip]
  • “- Ben: I'm Ben Whittaker. I've got an appointment with Miss Ostin.
    - Becky: I thought she was meeting with her new intern.
    - Ben: That's me.
    - Becky: How old are you?
    - Ben: 70, you?
    - Becky: I'm 24. I know I look older. It's the job. It ages you, which won't be great in your case... Sorry.”

    Robert De Niro - Ben
    Christina Scherer - Becky
  • - Sam "Ace" Rothstein: Three fuckin' jackpots in 20 minutes? Why didn't you pull the machines? Why didn't you call me?
    - Don Ward: Well, it happened so quick, 3 guys won; I didn't have a chance...
    - Sam "Ace" Rothstein: You didn't see the scam? You didn't see what was going on?
    - Don Ward: Well, there's no way to determine that...
    - Sam "Ace"... (continue)
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    Robert De Niro - Sam "Ace" Rothstein
    John Bloom - Don Ward
  • “I didn't kill him, I took him to the hospital.”

    Robert De Niro - Fred Blake
    [Tag:crime, hospital, wound]
  • “We're not gonna have a war, we're gonna have the appearance of a war.”
    Robert De Niro - Conrad Brean
    [Tag:appearance, war]
  • “- Deborah: Been waiting long?
    - Noodles: All my life.”

    Elizabeth McGovern - Deborah
    Robert De Niro - Noodles
  • “- Rudy: Your ex-husband shouldn’t be living in your basement.
    - Joy: Well, Dad, speaking of a proper way to be divorced.”

    Robert De Niro - Rudy
    Jennifer Lawrence - Joy
  • “- Noodles: How's your sister?
    - Fat Moe: I ain't seen her for years. She's a big star now.
    - Noodles: We should have known, huh? You can always tell the winners at the starting gate. You can always tell the winners, and you can tell the losers.”

    Robert De Niro - Noodles
    Larry Rapp - Fat Moe
  • “- Jason: Here she comes! Hey, Beck! What's up? You look really nice... How long can a woman be mad at you for?
    - Ben: I assume you talked to her, apologized.
    - Jason: I emailed her. Subject line: I'm sorry with like a ton of Os so it's like, 'I'm soooorry' with a sad emoticon where it's crying.”

    Adam Devine - Jason
    Robert De Niro - Ben
  • “- Jack Byrnes: Are you still physically attracted to my daughter, Greg?
    - Greg Focker: To Pam? Are you kidding? Yes. Jack, there's never been a problem with that.
    - Jack Byrnes: [sternly] Even after her body's endured the hellish ordeal of birthing twins?
    - Greg Focker: Yes. Even after that. It's still... It's all good. It's all good under the...” (continue)
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    Robert De Niro - Jack Byrnes
    Ben Stiller - Greg Focker
  • “- Rudy: You know what you are? You're like a gas leak. We don't see, we don't smell you, and you're silently killing us all.
    - Terry: I am not a gas leak! You take that back, you asshole of a monster man!
    - Rudy: You creature from the Black Lagoon.”

    Robert De Niro - Rudy
    [Tag:insult, sorrow]
  • “- Bobby Rayburn: There's more to life than just baseball.
    - Gil Renard: Like what? Like your house? Like your big ass car? Like your 40 fucking' million? I mean, what the fuck do you care about?
    - Bobby Rayburn: I care about my son. That's what I care about.”

    Wesley Snipes - Bobby Rayburn
    Robert De Niro - Gil Renard
    [Tag:baseball, son, worth]
  • “- Jake La Motta: I knocked him down. I don't know what else I gotta do. I don't know what I gotta do...
    - Joey LaMotta: You won and they robbed ya! They're miserable because their mothers take it up the fuckin' ass! That's why.
    - Jake La Motta: I've done a lot of bad things, Joey. Maybe it's comin' back to me. Who knows? I'm a jinx maybe. Who...” (continue)
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    Robert De Niro - Jake La Motta
    Joe Pesci - Joey
  • “You know what you are? You're like a gas leak. We don't see, we don't smell you, and your silently killing us all.”

    Robert De Niro - Rudy
  • - Ben: "You're never wrong to do the right thing".
    - Jules: Who said that, you?
    - Ben: Yeah. But I'm pretty sure Mark Twain said it first.

    Robert De Niro - Ben
    Anne Hathaway - Jules
  • “- Nick: You trying to look like a prince?
    - Michael: What do you mean, 'trying'?”

    Christopher Walken - Nick
    Robert De Niro - Michael
  • “- Det. Mitch Preston: My ex and I were on the rocks, and my marriage counselor said I needed to take up a hobby.
    - Officer Trey Sellars: How come you never got good at it?
    - Det. Mitch Preston: Well, it's kind of like you and police work. I never took it that seriously.”

    Robert De Niro - Det. Mitch Preston
    Eddie Murphy - Officer Trey Sellars
  • “If I can't get it up, that makes me less of a man, and I can't have that. In my world I deal with animals. They may seem dumb to an educated guy like you, but make no mistake. Animals are very cunning, and they sense weakness.”

    Robert De Niro - Paul Vitti
  • “- Michael: Hey, Nick, do you think we'll ever come back?
    - Nick: From Vietnam?
    - Michael: Yeah.
    - Nick: You know something, the whole thing, it's right here. I love this fucking place. I know that soundscrazy. If anything happens, Mike, don't leave, don't leave me over there. You got, you've got to, hey, just don't leave me. You've got to...” (continue)
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    Robert De Niro - Michael
    Christopher Walken - Nick
    [Tag:promises, war]
  • “I'm not interested in friends from those places, and I don't trust politicians!”
    Robert De Niro - Noodles
  • “- Jules: I don't want to be buried alone. Paige'll be with her husband, and Matt'll be with his new family, and I will be buried with strangers. I'll be buried in the strangers singles section of the cemetery.
    - Ben: Let's take that one off your plate right now. You can be buried with me and Molly. I happen to have space, okay?”

    Anne Hathaway - Jules
    Robert De Niro - Ben
    [Tag:death, fear]
  • “- Rusty: I'm an artist, you know?
    - Walt Koontz: Bullshit. You're a fucking drag queen.
    - Rusty: Let me savour those lovely words for a moment. What are you, channeling Jesse Helms?
    - Walt Koontz: Don't be so sensitive. You can take a dick, you can take an insult.”

    Philip Seymour Hoffman - Rusty
    Robert De Niro - Walt Koontz
  • “1957 was a big year. The Russians put that Sputnik into outer space, the Dodgers played their last game at Ebbets Field to say goodbye to Brooklyn, that guy shot Frank Costello in the head, and missed, and the Gallo brothers whacked Albert Anastasia in the barber shop of the Sheraton View hotel. It was total chaos.”
    Robert De Niro - Paul Vitti
    [Tag:age, events, history]
  • “- Gil Renard: Can I just say something? Did you ever think how one man who's doing well... might throw off the rest of the team? What I'm saying is, like, you have to think what's best for the team, right? You might have to lay down a sacrifice. I'm talking about Bobby Rayburn's number. I don't know if you really understand how much he needs...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Robert De Niro - Gil Renard
    Benicio del Toro - Juan Primo
  • A neighbor of mine says, "Looking for nice churches, come to Concrete. Looking for sin, go to Hell".
    Robert De Niro - Dwight
    [Tag:church, proverbs, sin]